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This issue of Xiaobian will introduce you to a family that is really combining northern Europe and Muji style home furnishings perfectly and putting them into practice. I'm afraid no one will be impressed after reading the simple and pure white + wood color space

first, let's get a general idea of the decoration cost through the list of the whole house decoration materials given by the owner:

category material cost building materials oak solid wood floor 15500 yuan ecological board + decorative plate 20000 yuan door lock *3373 Yuan green cork ceiling 79 yuan IKEA bathroom cabinet + transportation 1599 yuan +400 yuan lamps 2000 yuan subtotal, as well as paint, ceramic tiles Huangsha cement and other building materials and decoration labor costs several 100000 yuan furniture three person sofa 3300 yuan tea table 1495 yuan y chair *21260 yuan burnt Paulownia tatami table 150 yuan Imus chair *2430 yuan child and mother bed 3000 yuan laundry cabinet 600 yuan creative clock 95 yuan Milu pendant 330 yuan all wall stickers 154 yuan cloth art and decorations 600 yuan subtotal there are also some 30000 yuan furniture and decorations 20000 yuan household appliances, television, air conditioning, kitchen electricity, etc., a total of 150000 yuan





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