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Starting with the evaluation: the experience of machinist F117 F2 notebook computer i7 quad core 240g solid state drive

machinist F117 F2 notebook computer i7 quad core 240g solid state drive thin game book

3d metal A-side 4G unique 6-generation i7 quad core Blu ray keyboard

makes the transaction method mainly based on one order and one discussion for one month: the machine is really good. I bought the machinist for the first time but have been conquered. The game I play is a lol CF watch Special effect no pressure lolfps100 or so CF can run to 150 Lu master 19W. The image quality is very good. The most impressive thing is that the heat dissipation is really awesome. Before the experiment, the best players played for a period of time. The air flow from the hands close to the heat dissipation port is still cool. The keyboard feels very good. The backlight is cool. The price performance ratio of the machine is very high. The configuration is more than one grade higher than HP Lenovo at the same price. The top screen size at 965m and i7 6700 is more than one grade Very suitable, not inferior to the big brand. Emphasize that the appearance of roommate's HP can't be compared with that of

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product parameters:

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Tongfang International Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Haier information technology (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Product Name: notebook computer

3c product model: f117-f********** ("*" represents, A-Z, A-Z, "-" or a space, which is used to indicate different sales...

Product Name: machenike mechanic F117 f2

energy efficiency grade: none

brand: machenik he expressed the hope to replace the metal and glass on the car with resin e

model: f2

screen size: 15.6 inches

cpu:cor these will have an impact on the price of the test box e/core ihq

graphics card type: independent graphics card

video memory capacity: 4g

Mechanical hard disk capacity: no mechanical hard disk

memory capacity: 8g

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