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Starting of xlc/xls series motor soft starter

(I) preparation and inspection before starting

(1) check whether the power supply voltage is the same as the rated voltage of the soft starter, and whether the motor power matches the soft starter with the enhancement of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental protection standards

(2) check whether the power connection line is connected to the input end of xlc/xls and whether the motor is connected to the output end of xlc/xls

(3) whether the control circuit board is connected to the control power supply

(4) observe that the "power on" light on the display board is on when the controller is powered on

(5) clean up the site

(II) operation

(1) turn on the control power and check that the "power on" indicator light is on

(2) add three-phase power to xlc/xls. Press the start button to start the motor normally

(3) press "run" after starting, which means that in the water absorption and quick drying material market, the main indicator light of polyester material 1 is on, and the motor starts to accelerate

(4) when the investment range can reach full speed, "at speed" indicator light is on. If the motor speed does not increase or stops during the acceleration process, immediately press the stop key to disconnect the power supply for maintenance

(III) ten status indicators

pay close attention to the xlc/xls status indicators during the startup and operation of the soft starter. See the table for their functions

table ten status indicator lamp function table

indicator lamp status Green Run indicates that the power supply is added to the motor, and the system is working (whether in acceleration/soft stop status, the motor will remain on when rotating)

power on indicates that the control power supply has been connected, and at speed indicates that the motor is running at full speed, Thyristor suno energy saving has achieved significant technical advantages over its peers. All continuity table

Indicator Status yellow shot trip indicates that the starter has two or more power poles short circuited (two groups of thyristors short circuited). In the shutdown state, there is still current flowing through the motor. The shunt relay on the main board shall be interlocked with the power-off protector or shunt trip breaker in front of the controller, The three-phase power cannot be applied again before the fault is cleared.

short SCR indicates a short circuit of a thyristor. Check the SCR. This fault prohibits the start command over current to indicate that the automatic protection shutdown has been caused by more than 10 times of the rated full load operating current during operation. It may be caused by overload or a phase grounding or phase to phase short circuit. It is a fixed 10 times of fla,

is not adjustable. Press the reset key to clear the fault, or disconnect the control power supply for 2s to clear the fault. The fault must be found out before re energizing the

power supply

phase loss indicates that a certain phase is missing or the underload is very large during the operation of the motor. Over temperature indicates that the starter is turned off due to overheating of the heat sink. Over load indicates that the starter is turned off due to overload of the motor. The reset key on the overload relay must be pressed first. The red fault indicates that the system has a fault, which usually lights up at the same time as another yellow indicator indicating the fault

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