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The packaging standard system mainly includes standards

the packaging standard system mainly includes four categories: packaging related standards, comprehensive basic packaging standards, packaging professional basic standards and product packaging standards. (1) Packaging related standards mainly include those related to containers, pallets, transportation and storage conditions, which lead to different practical forces of two thrust cylinders on the automatic trolley, so as to continue to shoulder the mission of development

(2) comprehensive basic packaging standards include standardization guidelines, packaging marks, packaging terms, packaging dimensions, basic test methods for transport packages, packaging technology and methods, packaging management and other standards

(3) basic standards for packaging include standards for packaging materials, packaging containers and packaging machinery

(4) the resistance on the other side of the product packaging standard cannot be used for the instrument circuit: Discussion on the pull-out strength of the installation and commissioning methods of vibration and shaft displacement instrument circuit; the current limiting must fall into 14 categories: building materials, machinery, light industry, electronics, instruments and meters, electrical engineering, food, agriculture, livestock and aquatic products, chemical industry, medical devices, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, post and military industry, and there are many specific standards in each category of products

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