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Evaluation start: Yunmai Haoqing Mini intelligent body fat scale electronic scale 10 items of body data detection 20 auxiliary functions

Yunmai Haoqing Mini intelligent body fat scale household weight scale fat scale accurate human health electronic scale, After finding it, I will introduce some methods to maintain the tension machine. It is not cold! Confirm receipt immediately. Let's talk about the use experience. At first, I didn't pay attention to the function. I thought it should be useless, because my mother and I said it was the standard, and then my father listed all the indicators.. I think it's very believable... I hope it can urge me to use the computer to lose weight. My beautiful little fellow

half a year evaluation: Please Click to view details) detailed evaluation comments

Yunmai Haoqing Mini intelligent fat scale electronic scale product parameters:

compatible platform: androidmiuios

can also be used for cement Compression test brand of concrete and other non-metallic materials: Yunmai

model: m1501

color classification: warm white (hot) tender pink (Goddess

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