Troubleshooting of the height adjustment of the pr

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Troubleshooting of height adjustment of side gauge pressboard

the normal clamping requirements for the height of side gauge pressboard of J2108, J2205 and j2203 offset press are very special. The adjustment method is to loosen the high and low locking nut of side gauge pressboard first, and then rotate the high and low adjusting nut of side gauge pressboard to adjust the height of side gauge pressboard. However, when we rotate the adjusting nut, we encounter the situation that both the up and down adjustment cannot move

it was preliminarily estimated that there was something stuck, so we punched out the positioning pin of the micro adjustment package of the side pull gauge in 2014, and removed the side pull gauge from the fixed shaft for inspection. Sure enough, we found that the positioning pin under the pressboard of the side pull gauge was stuck

the new Moby bike (internal code "wind light") launched by Moby bike in April adopted Dow polyurethane material - polyurethane real found the root cause of the problem by combining it with polyurethane composite mandrel, so we used a hammer to hammer the gap at the positioning pin a little larger, so that there is room to adjust the height of the pressboard, and the problem was solved

source: yanghanlin, printing plant of Yueyang Petrochemical plant, Hunan Province

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