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Enter Shanghai Telecom and get close to the smart city

what is behind the "smart city" that Shanghai is stepping up its construction? How can the international sea optical cable help us connect to the Internet and how can the operation of urban light be guaranteed? From now on, ordinary citizens in Shanghai can go to the "eight new telecom sights" of Chinatelecom Shanghai company to have a look. On May 15, Chinatelecom Shanghai Co., Ltd. held the launching ceremony of the 2012 "enter Shanghai Telecom" themed publicity activity of "new impression of the city, new eight sights of Telecom", which was attended by leaders such as Yang Zhenwu, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity

picture: the scene of the theme publicity activity of "new impression of the city, new eight sights of telecommunications"

in order to welcome the victory of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 10th Party Congress of Shanghai, the city is currently carrying out a series of publicity and education activities under the theme of "new impression of the city ()" to vividly display the "joint construction" of a modern international metropolis with balanced, harmonious and sustainable development by the people of the city, "sharing" the achievements of economic and social development The extraordinary process of "integrating" into civilized and beautiful urban life has greatly stimulated the pride and honor of the general public and greatly enhanced the "consensus" on building a better future of Shanghai

in order to further implement the call of the municipal Party committee and actively reflect the great achievements made in Shanghai's urban construction, Shanghai Telecom, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, plans to carry out this "enter Telecom" theme publicity activity by effectively extending the "new impression of the city" activity in the field of Shanghai's information construction. Shanghai Telecom has launched eight new telecom attractions, including "touch the future - Information Life Experience Hall, visible history - Telecom Museum, audible smile - Telecom Customer Service No. 10000, tenable commitment - telecom network operation and maintenance center, readable trust - Telecom accounting center, show the brilliance - Video Center, close time and space - sea optical cable landing station, unfolding wings - Emergency Communication", Three dimensional display of Shanghai Telecom's achievements in "communication infrastructure construction", "information life application", "customer window service", etc. This activity will let the general public feel the rapid pace of Shanghai's "smart city" construction by going into telecommunications; Experience the changes and achievements made in Shanghai's informatization construction; Share insights on the development of smart cities

at the ceremony, the new eight sights of Shanghai Telecom has been connected to the main venue through citylight video. Yang Zhenwu, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai municipal Party committee and publicity Minister of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, had a video conversation with telecom employees in eight scenic spots through citylight. "Comrades, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the bright future of this city. I hope you can make greater contributions to the construction of a smart city in Shanghai with fuller work enthusiasm and more skilled work skills!" "Guarantee to complete the task!"

in this theme activity, the telecom department will organize citizens to visit the "eight new telecom sights" in batches and times, including the information life experience Hall of Chinatelecom Shanghai company, Shanghai Telecom Museum, No. 10000 customer service center, network monitoring center, accounting center, Chinatelecom video base, submarine optical cable landing Bureau and emergency communication, so as to make everyone more intuitive More profoundly feel the earth shaking changes that Shanghai has made in the construction of urban informatization in recent years

today, the development model of smart city is bringing us a new and better urban life experience. With 5.5 million light coverage, 1.7 million fiber-optic households, 7500 WiFi hotspots, 1.5 million IPTV users, 600000 enterprises' comprehensive information services, 730000 citizens' popularization of information technology knowledge, and 3G signals all over the city, the work of the general public is more and more convenient and their lives are more and more intelligent. Today, Shanghai is already the "first city of broadband", "the first city of IPTV" and "the first city of light" in China, and Shanghai has laid a solid foundation for a smart city

as a telecommunications industry closely related to people's livelihood, the "eight new telecom landscapes" focus reflects the development process of Shanghai Telecom and vividly shows the achievements of telecom development in the new era, which will help deepen the consensus and expectations of all sectors of society for the construction of a "smart city" in Shanghai, stimulate the urban pride of the general public and stimulate their enthusiasm for building a smart city, So as to accelerate the process of informatization in Shanghai

residents from Lujiazui street in Pudong also came to the ceremony. After visiting the "information life experience hall", one of the eight new sights of Telecom, they were very interested in the information services that rely on high bandwidth, such as "IOT refrigerator", "HD home global eye", "Magic Screen", "HD IPTV", "home security" and so on. Among them, many residents gathered around the commentator and asked where the products could be used: to handle these businesses, their families should immediately enter the new information life in the future

"new impression of the city" will arouse the great enthusiasm of the people of the city to build a better city by expanding the total amount and improving the quality. The new eight sights of Telecom will arouse the enthusiasm of the general public to build a smart city. Shanghai Telecom will take this opportunity to build a beautiful City and a smart city as the goal, care about Shanghai, integrate into Shanghai, and create a better and wonderful tomorrow

Shanghai Telecom museum was awarded the "patriotism education base"

at the launching ceremony held on May 15, the "Shanghai Telecom Museum" located at No. 34 Yan'an East Road was awarded the "patriotism education base". The predecessor of Shanghai Telecom museum is the telegraph building built by Danish cable company Dabei in 1921, with an exhibition area of about 1850 square meters. The exhibition in the museum is mainly divided into five parts, including telegraph communication, local communication, long-distance communication and wireless communication on three floors, and a comprehensive combination of four floors. With historical materials and objects as the main carrier, the exhibits show the course of Shanghai's telecommunications industry over the past 100 years since the first telegraph line entered China in 1871, highlighting the changes and development of communication productivity. There are also science popularization projects integrating knowledge and interest in the exhibition hall for the audience to participate

touch the future information life experience Pavilion

through the integration of multi services, multi networks and multi terminals, the information life experience Pavilion shows the vivid practice of smart cities in ubiquitous networks, integrated platforms and smart applications. The exhibition hall has ten exhibition areas, including smart city, city light, wireless life, and the 12th Five Year Plan. It is a platform for popularizing information technology knowledge and disseminating cutting-edge information technology. It has a wonderful interpretation of the idea that information makes the city better. In 2009, it was named the "National science popularization education base"

visible history telecommunication Museum

the Shanghai telecommunication Museum, located at 34 Yan'an East Road, takes historical materials and physical objects as the main carrier, and truly records the ups and downs of telecommunications in the past century, including twists and turns, revitalization in struggle, and transformation in reform. In Shanghai Telecom Museum, you can fully feel the internal relationship between the great changes of telecommunications in the past century and the destiny of the country and urban development, and stimulate patriotism. The name of the museum was inscribed by state leader Wu Bangguo. In 2012, Shanghai Telecom museum was named "Shanghai patriotism education base"

audible smile telecom customer service No. 10000

10000 is a comprehensive service of Shanghai Telecom for users in the city. There are more than 1800 manual seats, providing 7 × 24-hour round the clock consulting service, with an annual service volume of 750000 times, is the largest centralized call center in the Asia Pacific region; The center actively builds a green call center, takes the lead in using cloud computing business, and has been rated as the "best call center in China" for 9 consecutive years, building a convenient communication bridge between users and enterprises for Shanghai Telecom

Shanghai Telecom NOC (network operation and maintenance center) is mainly responsible for the centralized monitoring and real-time command and scheduling of new networks and business platforms such as urban optical, mobile networks, soft switches, national backbone, marine optical cables, etc. When a network failure occurs anywhere in the city, the huge screen alarm sound of 115 square meters in the monitoring hall will automatically sound, and the center will quickly start the emergency plan and timely dispatch and remove the obstacles, so as to provide users with stable, efficient and high-quality communication network support services. It is the patron saint of the "Asia Pacific information hub port"

readable trust Telecom accounting center

the accounting center is a professional management unit of Shanghai Telecom to provide customers with communication bills, mainly responsible for billing, billing and accounting query. The center has an efficient accounting processing system, advanced billing equipment, and TL9000 and ISO9001 dual quality system guarantee, and the accuracy of accounting is always maintained at 99.995%. The center actively advocates the concept of green environmental protection and guides users to use electronic bills. This year, it will receive training on the use of Evonik products and develop 1million users of electronic bills. Strive to build a service brand of "friendly accounting and transparent consumption"

The colorful video center

video operation center is an industrial base for Chinatelecom to integrate national resources and comprehensively operate the Internet and mobile Internet video business with the help of the advantages of Shanghai video industry in the era of rapid development of mobile Internet. At present, it has deeply cooperated with CCTV, Shanghai media and television, Hunan Satellite TV and other radio and television stations and Youku and other Internet video companies, forming an industrial effect based in Pudong, relying on Shanghai and radiating across the country, and building a booming, harmonious and win-win video industry ecological chain

the close space-time sea cable landing station

Chongming sea cable landing station is the largest international sea cable landing station in China at present, with a total of 7 submarine optical cables landing here, including Sino US sea cable, Asia Europe 3, Asia Pacific 2, which undertakes 60% of China's export traffic. It is an international communication transfer center in China and even the Asia Pacific region, and an important part of Shanghai Information Port

spread wings emergency communication

Shanghai emergency communication is a professional support team under Chinatelecom to perform emergency communication tasks. It is now equipped with dozens of emergency communication support vehicles and two large satellite ground stations, Liuxing and Xinzhuang. It can quickly arrive at any place at any time, quickly provide multi-functional communication services, and successfully complete the emergency communication support for all kinds of rescue and disaster relief, emergencies, major state activities, such as the WorldExpo, the Olympic Games, the Special Olympics and the Wenchuan earthquake

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