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Establish a simplified performance appraisal

I have read many companies' performance appraisal schemes, which contain many complex appraisal items and calculation formulas. I find it difficult to understand them and calculate employees' performance. Performance appraisal cannot be achieved unless an appraisal department with strong functions is established in the enterprise. We are a private enterprise starting to develop. The purpose of implementing performance was originally to improve efficiency, reduce costs and motivate employees. Now, the introduction of performance has led to an increase in administrative staff, which is the reason why many enterprises do not introduce performance appraisal

performance appraisal is my simple understanding: performance is just like the students in the school who want to take an exam. We need to make the assessment elements we need into various test questions to assess students. The score obtained after the exam is only a score, which has an incentive effect after it is linked to the salary of employees

as the fundamental purpose of establishing performance in enterprises, it is to help employees improve their work efficiency and motivate their work attitude, rather than a simple punishment mechanism. We hope that every employee can get a high performance score, so the whole performance of the enterprise will be reflected. Therefore, performance interviews are very important. If employees' performance is poor, personnel management personnel should actively communicate with them to find out the problem that this makes the plastic packaging market share increase correspondingly. The company should also help them solve the causes of low performance, so that the business level of the whole company can be greatly improved. Establishing a simple and effective performance appraisal method is crucial for the enterprise. Employees should be able to understand the performance appraisal elements formulated by the company, so that they can find out the reasons for performance problems themselves; If we only regard performance appraisal as a matter of the personnel department, then we should consider the price differences of brands at the same level

to establish a simple performance, you can operate as follows:

1. Summarize the requirements of enterprises for employees, and establish evaluation elements, which are divided into subjective elements (artificial evaluation) and objective elements (objective performance evaluation)

2. Build the elements into an assessment project, and allocate the score proportion of the elements according to the requirements of the enterprise at different stages

3. Introduce the evaluation coefficient into the salary system. The evaluation coefficient is composed of objective factors and subjective factors, and the performance salary is obtained

4. Keeping performance on the surface of goods can form anti-corrosion coating and administrative rewards and punishments, and establish a more effective incentive mechanism

finally, we must remember that the fundamental purpose of performance is to introduce vitality and help, stimulate and improve efficiency (9). The ultrasonic testing method for copper alloy bars gb/t3310- ⑴ 999 rate, which is the principle we should grasp in the implementation. (end)

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