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Embracing the future of the local industry and extending the vision of Globalization - SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory was officially completed

embracing the future of the local industry and extending the vision of Globalization - SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory was officially completed

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on March 13, 2018, SGS, the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification agency, was officially completed in Guangzhou. Mr. Yan Lixin, vice president and general manager of natural resources business group of SGS, Mr. Ke zanxian, general manager of SGS South China, Jason Gong, laboratory manager of SGS Petrochemical Department in China, Lu Jun, business manager of SGS Petrochemical Department in China, and other enterprise leaders, as well as Mr. Zhou Siyuan, lubricant product application expert of shell (China) Co., Ltd Ms. guoqiuning, chief engineer of Shunchang (Guangdong) Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Xiangzhao, technical director of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. engineering service branch, and other customer representatives attended the completion ceremony. As the first portal of lubricating oil integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () was also invited to participate in this event, witnessing the opening ceremony of SGS Guangzhou lubricating oil laboratory. At the same time, we interviewed Jason Gong, an expert of SGS petrochemical products, and the national manager of fuel oil and lubricating oil services of the Ministry of petrochemical. Two enterprise leaders of Jialu army, a crusher of 0.5mm below 20HP, talked about the glorious mileage of SGS in China in the past 27 years, Looking forward to SGS' brand service in the new era

celebration ceremony site

celebration ceremony site

group photo of SGS senior leaders

group photo of SGS leaders and representatives of China Lubricant information media

provide professional services for customers, Guangzhou laboratory extends its vision of globalization

at the completion ceremony, Ke zanxian, general manager of SGS South China, was entrusted by Yan Lixin, vice president of SGS group. Thank you for coming to the completion ceremony of SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory, Said that this is an extension of SGS globalization and will better serve local and global customers. Jason Gong, the laboratory manager of SGS Petrochemical Department in China, introduced the group to the guests, saying that since SGS entered China in 1991, it has established more than 50 branches and more than 100 laboratories across the country, with 14000 employees in China; The Ministry of Petrochemical has 40 laboratories and more than 1000 personnel, which test more than 100000 lubricating oil samples for the industry every year. SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory is the third lubricant Laboratory of SGS after Shanghai and Tianjin, and it is also an important measure for the group to practice "providing professional services to customers". "So far, we have accumulated tens of millions of sets of equipment lubrication related data all over the world, and all the data are entered into SGS global lubricating oil diagnosis database system, which can provide customers with online diagnosis services. Through the comparison of big data, the quality and efficiency of diagnosis can be greatly improved." In the future, the group will use big data methods to provide customers with higher quality services, and promote and display the automation and flow of laboratories such as impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum rotation angle and printing experimental reports

Ke zanxian, general manager of the South China region of the Guangzhou Branch of SGS standard technical services Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

Jason Gong, National Laboratory Manager of SGS Petrochemical Department, delivered a speech

as the SGS customer representative invited to attend this ceremony, Mr. Zhou Siyuan, shell's product manager, delivered a speech, saying that the rapid development of shell in the Chinese market cannot be separated from the support of service providers including SGS; SGS is fast and professional in technology. Both sides work together to meet the high requirements of shell customers. He said that the results showed that as the development of China's lubricant industry moved closer to the world, the "past tense" guided by raw material costs was gradually giving way to the "present tense" of comprehensive costs. In this development trend, many problems cannot be solved by lubricant manufacturers alone. He wished SGS to take advantage of the spring breeze of the domestic lubricant industry to flourish and rise to a higher level

speech by Mr. Zhou Siyuan, shell product manager

Guo Qiuning, chief engineer of Shunchang lubricating oil (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., congratulated SGS Guangzhou laboratory on its completion on behalf of the company, saying that since their cooperation in 2010, Shunchang and SGS have benefited a lot in terms of oil testing and driving experiments. The regular oil sampling and testing service provided by SGS enables shunchangde to eliminate equipment faults and oil aging in time, and improve the lubrication management level. President Guo said that Shunchang lubricating oil used to travel a long way to send samples to Shanghai for inspection; After the completion of Guangzhou laboratory, the testing communication between the two sides will be more convenient. She sincerely wishes SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory a prosperous business and a win-win future

Guo Qiuning, chief engineer of Shunchang lubricating oil (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

climbed to the top and won the honors, and then made a new journey to win good results

in an exclusive interview with China lubricating oil information (), Lu Jun, business manager of lubricating oil and fuel oil in China of SGS Petrochemical Department, said that SGS is the world's largest inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, including shell, Castrol International giants including Mobil and many domestic and foreign customers provide professional technical services. Reviewing the development mileage of SGS in China, President Lu was very impressed by the creative opportunities given to SGS by the times. Since SGS entered the domestic market in 1991, thanks to the rapid development of China's economy, SGS has made great success in the domestic inspection market with determination and innovation. With high-quality technical testing services and reliable brand gold content, SGS's business area quickly extended to the whole of China, "coverage is very good". Now SGS has three lubricant laboratories in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou, corresponding to the three economic circles around the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and is committed to providing customers with more convenient services

President Lu said that the completion of SGS Guangzhou lubricating oil laboratory is not only the demand of service localization, but also the strategic demand of the group to take a global view and cover the markets in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. The establishment of SGS Guangzhou lubricating oil laboratory can give customers more choices and further improve the timeliness of SGS lubricating oil testing services

celebration ceremony site

in view of the current situation of the domestic lubricating oil industry, President Lu said that R & D, brand, quality, channel and service are still the elements for the improvement and continuous development of the domestic lubricating oil industry. The key to success in the subdivision field is to find out the positioning of products and services and do a good job in the development strategy of enterprises. As a link in the lubricating oil industry chain, SGS is willing to make its due contribution to the benign development of the whole industry.

looking forward to the future, Lu Jun and Jason Gong both place great hopes on the business extension under the contemporary business model, especially the enterprise potential in the era of "big data". Over the past 27 years since entering China, SGS has accumulated a large amount of data in serving customers. How to actively explore these potential values, so as to improve the level of equipment testing and help customers extend the service life of equipment has become the focus of the group's next development. Jason Gong pointed out that the group is now learning from the successful experience of large overseas groups and making full use of these data on the premise of ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of customers

guests visited SGS Guangzhou lubricant laboratory

industry comment:

as a world-renowned testing and certification enterprise, SGS is a famous brand in China's lubricant industry and plays an important role in promoting industry standardization, standardization and internationalization. In response to the broad future of China's lubricant industry, SGS Guangzhou laboratory was officially completed, which will provide better testing services and a brighter technological future for the development of the industry. Recalling the past, galloping in the Jianghu, climbing the peak, lingjupin, Gaoyi; Look at the present, flying all over the world, talking about the romantic atmosphere. I wish SGS's trip to China more smoothly and better

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