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Expand marketing channels Foton Lovol heavy industry to seize the global market

expand marketing channels Foton Lovol heavy industry to seize the global market

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recently, it was learned from Foton Lovol heavy industry overseas business department that the company has recently received large foreign orders, and 160 loaders have been exported to Libya and 460 in Algeria, a total of 620, involving fl936, fl956 and fl966, three best-selling models in domestic and foreign markets. In fact, since 2013, Foton Lovol heavy industry has exported three batches of 560 loaders to participate in the post-war construction of Libya. Its good operation performance has won the trust and praise of many users, and effectively promoted the development of business in overseas markets

continue to expand overseas marketing channels

if Foton Lovol heavy industry compared the re export figures when it first exported in 1998, now the company pays more attention to sustainable development in overseas business expansion. According to the requirements of globalization strategy, it continues to build overseas marketing networks, innovate overseas business models, and promote the development of globalization is a good example

on June 7, 2013, Foton Lovol heavy industries' Russian sales company was inaugurated, which is one of Foton Lovol heavy industries' important strategic deployments in the Eastern European market. In recent years, Foton Lovol heavy industry has continuously expanded its overseas marketing channels by setting up overseas offices, KD factories, subsidiaries, regional operation centers and distribution centers

on July 31, 2013, the 80000 export tractors were offline in the production workshop of Foton Lovol heavy industry high-power tractors, and 300 Lovol high-power tractors were delivered to Sudan as a foreign aid project of the Chinese government. A team of more than 20 service engineers followed these tractors to Sudan to provide Sudanese users with technical and leather, paper, rubber, plastic, fiber and other experimental function training, equipment maintenance, technical consulting and other professional services

in December 2013, Foton Lovol heavy industry obtained an order for 200 Lovol tractors from Argentina, known as the "world granary and meat depot", through the adjustment of industrial and trade policies, which made a good start for the development of subsequent export business to Argentina

up to now, Foton Lovol heavy industry has more than 380 overseas dealers, exporting about 160000 overseas products of various types. Its export products cover three major industries: agricultural equipment, construction machinery and vehicles. Its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, forming many major market regions such as the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa and ASEAN. It has set up 9 offices, 10 parts centers and 3 branches in Russia, Brazil and Turkey, forming a global marketing software introduction: service network integrating "sales, service, parts supply, user training and information feedback"

establish a global R & D system

it is understood that in order to synchronize product R & D with the world, Foton Lovol heavy industries has established a global R & D system of "three countries, four places and many in one" in Europe, Japan, Tianjin and Weifang, China. At the same time, it has also established high-level trial production and testing centers in China and Europe, upgraded the global procurement system, and created better conditions for the production of world standard medium and high-end products

in addition to the R & D system, Foton Lovol heavy industries also established a matching capacity development center, including body, transmission, electronic control, etc., which accelerated the transformation speed between technology and actual results, and finally completed the improvement of product quality

LOVOL Loaders' expansion in overseas markets benefits from the establishment of a global R & D system. According to Wang Jinhua, director of Lovol loader technology center, over the past decade, the loader research and development of Foton Lovol heavy industry has gone through three stages: how can the first blueprint of "smart home" become a reality? The stage is to solve the problem of whether there is a product; The second stage is to look for differentiation and enhance the competitiveness of products; Now, Foton Lovol heavy industry has reached the third stage, that is, how to improve the competitiveness of products qualitatively on the basis of quantitative changes

in this process, the R & D system of Foton Lovol heavy industry has continuously evolved. From following innovation at the beginning to completely customer-oriented independent innovation, the R & D system and R & D process have undergone qualitative changes. Taking the understanding of energy-saving technology by R & D personnel as an example, Wang Jinhua explained the different changes of the R & D system compared with the previous ones. "In the past, when focusing on energy saving, we only measured how much power was saved in an hour, but now researchers pay more attention to how to make the power distribution more reasonable, improve the efficiency value of the whole machine, and bring more value to customers."

"gallop" for ten years the industry

as the saying goes, every line is like a mountain. In 2004, when Foton Lovol heavy industries, which has a firm foothold in the field of agricultural equipment, announced its high-profile entry into the construction machinery industry, the industry did not think so. Now, ten years later, Foton Lovol heavy industry has moved from small regional marketing to overseas markets. Its loader and excavator businesses have been advancing steadily and become a force that cannot be ignored in the industry

it is reported that when Foton Lovol heavy industry entered the engineering machinery industry, China's loader industry has formed a relatively perfect industrial system after more than 40 years of development, and the technology is relatively mature, but the industry pattern presents a scuffle state of competition. Judging from the good prospects of the overall market, Foton Lovol heavy industry keenly seized the market opportunity and successfully changed the runway to the loader business, thus officially setting foot in the construction machinery industry. At the initial stage of development, Foton Lovol heavy industry was close to market demand. According to the demand characteristics of different market segments, it mainly promoted differentiated products, and quickly achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in multiple market segments. In 2005, the sales volume exceeded 3000 units. At that time, Foton Lovol heavy industry, a "dark horse", attracted widespread attention in the industry

in 2010, Foton Lovol heavy industries spent four years integrating advanced European technology and fully drawing on the advantages of similar models at home and abroad to launch Lovol ETX loader series products. This series of loaders is famous in the industry for being "more reliable, safer and more comfortable". Since its launch, ETX has been upgraded many times, and its comprehensive performance has been continuously upgraded, which has been widely recognized by the market

after the initial test in the field of loaders, Foton Lovol heavy industry turned its attention to the excavator industry in 2006. At that time, more than 95% of the market was occupied by foreign brand excavators, and domestic brand excavators were on the eve of rapid development. Foton Lovol heavy industry saw the huge development space of national brands and resolutely entered. Under the guidance of the concept of "synchronizing with the world at the beginning", after a series of difficult learning processes such as digestion, absorption and transformation, excavator products with market competitiveness are finally formed. Over the past seven years, Foton Lovol heavy industry started from small excavation and gradually extended upward. With the launch of medium excavation and large excavation products, a relatively complete product layout has been formed at present

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