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Facing the financial crisis, promoting and serving the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry

the scientific concept of development is the latest achievement of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, an important guideline for China's economic and social development, and also points out the direction for the prosperity and development of the publishing industry and the printing industry

there are 14896 printing enterprises of all kinds and 7321 typing and copying units in Zhejiang Province, with nearly 400000 employees and an annual output value of 69 billion yuan, accounting for about 2% of the total GDP of the province. It is an important industry for the economic development of Zhejiang Province

however, the global financial crisis caused global economic stagnation or even recession, and the demand of the printing market was correspondingly weak, with reduced investment enthusiasm. The structural and quality contradictions of the printing industry accumulated over the years of rapid development have gradually emerged in the financial crisis. The printing industry is facing severe challenges and development difficulties. The author believes that in this case, only by unswervingly implementing the scientificoutlookondevelopment in the industry, firmly grasping the current policies and measures issued by the state to maintain stability and promote regulation, changing ideas, and constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the development of the printing industry, can we improve the ability to resist risks and achieve the sustainable and healthy development of the printing industry itself

first, establish confidence in development and shape a sunny mentality. In the face of difficulties and challenges, there is no doubt that confidence is the core element to support development. Confidence is more valuable than gold and currency. We should be soberly aware that the current crisis also contains opportunities. There are many favorable conditions for the printing industry to turn crisis into opportunity, and there are also many realistic foundations sufficient to establish confidence. In fact, whether the situation is good or bad, society needs printing. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the domestic demand for printing has not changed greatly in the near future, but also has a growing trend. The key is to determine scientific development ideas according to the requirements of the scientific concept of development, take overcoming difficulties as an opportunity for a new round of development, pool strength, and make reasonable planning

second, accelerate structural adjustment and promote transformation and upgrading. The current problems and difficulties facing the industry itself, in the final analysis, are structural and quality problems. For example, the total number of printing enterprises has been excessive, and the printing market is oversupplied and overcapacity; The low-end of printing products is repeated, and the high-end is insufficient; The low level of printing technology, outdated equipment, insufficient innovation ability and so on, both industrial structure and product structure problems, but also talent structure and equipment structure problems. To break the deadlock, therefore, the printing industry in Zhejiang Province must, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on industrial transformation and upgrading, make great efforts to carry out structural adjustment on the basis of scientific analysis, eliminate backward production methods with high energy consumption, high emissions and low efficiency, and build an environment-friendly and ecological modern printing industry; Appropriately control the total amount, promote industrial agglomeration, and focus on the development of a group of backbone enterprises with advanced printing level, outstanding economies of scale, and the ability to participate in domestic and even international competition with a working frequency of 80 to 800 kHz, so as to form influential printing brands; Actively encourage, support and promote various forms of alliances, mergers and cross regional and cross industry alliances. In a sense, the current challenges and difficulties are essentially a reshuffle of the invisible hand of the market. Adjustment is integration, so that advantages can be complemented and resources can be brought into full play, so as to achieve sound and rapid development

third, develop creative printing and increase the added value. For a long time, printing enterprises have been in the position of processing service providers. They do not have their own products and earn only a little processing fee, which belongs to low profit enterprises. At present, with the increase of raw and auxiliary materials and labor costs, the profit space of enterprises has reached the limit. In addition, due to the structural surplus of investment in the industry, price war has been caused, which has led to the continuous decline of labor prices in the whole industry and difficult profits. At the same time, with the development trend of digital printing, personalized printing and green printing, this traditional qualitative and 1. The dilemma that all lens surfaces must be kept clean has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the development of the new era. To break through the traditional nature of the printing industry, we can only find another way and find another way out, jump out of printing and develop printing, that is, develop creative printing and improve the added value of products. Printing enterprises can use the existing technology and equipment to realize value-added for customers, and can own the copyright of the products they design and print. They can integrate more cultural connotation into the design, printing process, mounting and other aspects of printed matter. Only with connotation can they be more valuable, and they are really going out of a path of sustainable and healthy development

fourth, vigorously expand the market and strengthen internal management. Some enterprises say how much money to prepare for the winter, which is a negative winter. If the winter is long, the enterprise may not survive the next spring, and it is easy to be shuffled. Therefore, enterprises should spend the winter like wolves and seize the market like wolves. The remaining enterprises are the king, and the enterprises that can be left in the market are the successful enterprises. At the micro level, enterprises should have an active and positive attitude, have the momentum and spirit of meeting the brave in a narrow way, reverse thinking, and look for business opportunities in the most unfavorable situation. Of course, to expand the market, we must first locate accurately and be marketable, including 24 continuation projects, 7 new projects and 11 reserve projects. We should jump out of the quagmire of product homogenization, technology homogenization and service homogenization, and make sure that people have what they don't have and that people have what they have. The second is to fully study and apply the achievements of modern science and technology. Whoever has mastered advanced technology will have a say and take the lead in seizing the market. The printing industry itself is an industry that depends on Technological Development and continues to grow. At the same time, we should strengthen internal management to reduce costs and consumption. Who can reduce the cost to the lowest, who can have the core competitiveness in the market. To strengthen internal management, we should also improve the utilization rate of equipment, strengthen human resource management, and constantly improve the quality of workers

in short, in the face of the financial crisis, the printing industry can further enhance the consciousness and firmness of implementing the scientific concept of development, liberate and develop printing productivity, promote the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry, and prosper the printing market

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