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Modern skin care products packaging requirements

today's skin care products are more effective, but also more refined. Its packaging needs to be protective, functional and aesthetic. In the past few years, the packaging industry has been committed to developing a product that can not only effectively protect the quality of skin care products, but also meet the needs of luxury and novel appearance. The emergence of multi-layer plastic forming technology can meet the above two needs at the same time. It enables multiple layers of different kinds of plastics to be combined and molded at one time

today, skin care products can choose any imaginable color and all kinds of fine containers, from improved aluminum tubes to the latest vacuum bags (bottles). Many equipment and instruments that can adapt to the use of the latest medical technology at the same time have strong protection of plastic forming technology Special effect "with the multi-layer plastic forming technology, our plastic packaging can completely isolate the substances that oxidize skin care products such as light and air on the one hand, and obtain wonderful visual effects and unique hand feel by mixing different kinds of substances on the other hand. Christine al lard, marketing manager of decoplast, said:" we can add a layer of adflex, and we have the famous soft touch effect; If you add a layer of polyacrylic glue, it will have a colorful appearance. "Lancome's new sunscreen series uses this packaging material. This new material also has amazing extrudability, which helps to extrude skin care products more evenly. The multi-layer molding technology also improves the flexibility of the hose. At present, the most popular packaging of skin care milk is hose and glass bottle. Hose was only the packaging of medium and low-grade products 15 years ago, and now even the most famous brands have begun to use it. Hose production is economical, convenient and easy to use It is suitable for carrying lotion and colloid. The multi-layer plastic forming technology not only improves its protection, but also provides a variety of hand feel and visual effects. "Our satinel model has an extremely soft outer layer, which is very important for skin care products." Laure Mounier, who is responsible for promoting cebal hoses in Europe, said: "we can also provide hoses with a rough outer layer, such as the one recently launched for Avon." Multi layer plastic forming technology is also constantly improved to adapt to the increasingly popular trend of transparent appearance. Vacuum lubrication system is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump, special relay and pipeline, and its packaging is favored.

in order to protect skin care products containing liposomes, rosin oil and vitamins, vacuum packaging system stands out. Although it is limited to a limited number of brands due to its high cost (this situation is changing), this kind of packaging still has many advantages: strong protection, high resilience, convenient use of high viscosity skin care milk, and improve the product grade with its high-tech characteristics. At present, the prevailing vacuum system is composed of a cylinder into an ellipsoid container and a piston placed therein. The vacuum system recently launched by techpack is designed for Clarins and electelle. The filling system of this patented technology is owned by American Valois company. The disadvantage of the piston system is that it leaves too little space for the appearance design. This is very disadvantageous in the highly competitive skin care market, because every brand wants to shape its own unique image through shape and decoration

the soft capsule system is emerging because it can be applied to various types of containers. Valois cooperated with techpack to develop a truly high-tech soft capsule system for Dior's phenomena. Myriam bourdon, the marketing director of Valois, said, "we spent a whole year developing this vacuum packaging system. It is aluminum. The pump features a push-down button and strong air tightness. Techpack is a new product of Davidoff company" cool water " "Men's skin care series has produced a transparent airtight bag, which is used together with Valois company and pump. Users can see the remaining amount of skin care products. Inspired by the success in famous brands, valois95.1. According to the requirements, the design flow rate of hydraulic source is 120L/min? In June, two standard modes were launched. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality. This is more important for less complex containers. Now the common one is packaging Upper distribution pump and compression cap. The distribution pump system was very popular with consumers because of its convenience, and soon conquered hypermarkets. Now, some luxury brands have also begun to adopt this device. Plastic bottles ambitious plastic products will replace the dominance of glass products? In the past few years, the former is slowly but firmly eroding the territory of the latter. The advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, strong and easy to produce. Through the efforts of chemists and plastic manufacturers with great potential for economic benefits, plastic products have achieved the characteristics that only glass used to have. They are transparent and can hold all kinds of chemicals. Thick shell cans made of detg materials are representatives of such products. Nadel Inc, an American packaging company, has been producing containers made of PETG for cosmetics. It has won the favor of many famous brands, first Clinique, then Avon, then Revlon and cosmoer. Now Estee Lauder is also gradually turning its skin care products series to PETG containers

petg is easy to dye into different colors, and its transparency remains unchanged even after anti UV treatment. Keran turakhia, Nadel's director in charge of European affairs, was full of confidence in the prospects of PETG containers. He said, "when Clinique and Lauder began to use our bottles, consumers didn't even notice (it was plastic products), and the appearance of our products was exactly the same as that of glass." The only obstacle to this technology is the high cost of raw materials. Nadel's response is to use oversized molds to improve production capacity. Aluminum tubes have made a comeback. Until the mid-1990s, only the pharmaceutical industry used aluminum tubes, which are highly protective. In fact, it is the image of "safe" drugs such as aluminum tubes, coupled with the unique appearance in the market, which yearns for novelty, that has made aluminum tubes popular again. Four years ago, ROC led the revival of this flexible metal tube, using this container in its vitamin anti wrinkle cream. Today's aluminum tubes are very different from their predecessors. Their neck is more round and the color of the tube body is the same. They also pay more attention to the decoration of appearance

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