Requirements for adhesives for carton packaging of

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Requirements for adhesives for carton packaging of frozen food

in recent years, carton packaging is gradually replacing traditional packaging such as plastic bags (boxes) and entering the field of frozen food packaging because of its novel and beautiful, not easy to break, easy to carry, open, convenient for printing and display, recyclable, beneficial to environmental protection and other advantages

we know that when frozen food is stored in the freezer for a long time, water vapor will be generated in case of temperature changes. If it is not firmly bonded, the carton is prone to cracking. Now the aluminum alloy door and window handle qb/t 3889 ⑴ 999 image, which affects the packaging beauty and product quality. Therefore, choosing the appropriate adhesive in the carton packaging of frozen food is the key to avoid the carton opening under low temperature environment. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is talking about the most common failure crack

necessary conditions for adhesive

in order to effectively prevent carton cracking, the necessary conditions for adhesive are: good bonding performance at low temperature, soft, non brittle, non breaking adhesive film, and certain water resistance; It can resist condensate produced by sudden temperature changes, and is safe and environmental friendly; The raw materials used for adhesives should meet the hygienic requirements of food packaging; The cost or cost performance of the product is within the range acceptable to customers

at the same time, the selection of adhesive should also match the production equipment (such as the equipment used for adhesive bonding and coating method), factory environmental conditions (whether canon, Nikon, Sony, 3-star and other non air conditioning systems, workshop temperature and humidity affect the gluing operation) and packaging base materials. Because the length of fiber in the paperboard or the proportion of recycled pulp, the weight of surface printing ink, the type of coating varnish, whether to cover the film and the level of surface energy will affect the bonding effect, the adhesive used must match the bonded substrate

correct application of new adhesives

at present, in order to obtain good gloss and beautiful appearance, UV varnish and BOPP coating are widely used in the outer packaging of high-end goods, and these two kinds of substrates are particularly difficult to bond, which is easy to cause glue opening, especially at low temperature, which requires the use of special water-based adhesives. Recently, some newly developed water-based adhesives have strong adhesion to UV varnish, have wide adaptability to different kinds of UV varnish, and can be applied to the bonding of BOPP coated cartons

for the online packaging and bonding of frozen food, hot melt adhesive is more suitable. Because the hot melt adhesive can be quickly cooled and solidified to form a bond, it is used in the operation steps of a large number of steel bar bending experimental machines, which can meet the requirements of high-speed production lines

however, since the operating temperature of the traditional sealing hot melt adhesive is usually in the range of 150 ℃ ~ 180 ℃, it is not only prone to scalding accidents, but also prone to carbonization of the adhesive inside the hot melt adhesive machine and blocking the nozzle after long-term use, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the equipment and affects the stability of the packaging quality. Therefore, the hot melt adhesive with new ultra-low temperature operation can avoid the above problems and become a new choice

it is reported that the new ultra-low temperature operation hot melt adhesive is used for the bonding of frozen food cartons. The bonding performance can meet the requirements of storage environment from 30 ℃ to -40 ℃, and the operating temperature can be as low as 90 ℃. Its advantages are:

(1) reducing the operating temperature can greatly reduce the occurrence of rubber carbonization and blocking of filters, hoses, nozzles and other phenomena

(2) it can reduce the loss of hot melt adhesive system, reduce the maintenance cost and reduce the changes in the process

(3) improve operation safety and avoid scalding

(4) it can reduce energy consumption

(5) reduce the environmental pollution to the food packaging workshop caused by smoke and peculiar smell caused by the heating of glue

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