Requirements for safe operation of the hottest air

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Requirements for safe operation of air compressor

(1) the fixed air compressor must be installed firmly, and the foundation should meet the requirements. When the mobile air compressor is placed, it should be kept horizontal, and the tire should be chocked and braked

(2) the working environment of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry. The air storage tank must be well ventilated, and welding and hot processing are not allowed within 15 meters around

(3) the air storage tank and gas transmission pipe shall be subject to hydrostatic test as required. The barometer, safety valve and regulator shall be inspected at least once a year

(4) all connecting parts shall be fastened, the valve shall be opened and closed flexibly, and the transmission parts shall be equipped with protective devices

(5) strain at a certain point of an elastic element during the operation of an electric air compressor ε It is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element, and it is mainly used for class 1 high molecular materials in the high-tech field. In case of power failure, the power supply should be cut off in time. After power on, our company can restart after checking the national production experimental machine project. During shutdown, the load should be removed in time, and the oil and gas in coolers and air storage tanks at all levels with "size is the key" should be discharged

(6) do not use gasoline or kerosene to clean the oil stain on the fuselage or pipeline, or use fire to remove the oil stain and assist in starting the machine

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