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KPD electric flat car's requirements for conductive track

1) the resistance between tracks shall not be less than 10 ohms. For this reason, the rail should be insulated. The bottom of the rail is coated with asphalt, and 5mm insulating rubber plate is padded, and asphalt sand is filled on both sides of the rail

2) the actual voltage on the 36V track should not be greater than 42V. When the line is not started, it should not be less than 30V, otherwise a compensation line must be added

3) the maximum running distance on both sides of the step-down transformer can be referred to and the experimental equipment table can be replaced in time. The maximum distance on one side is half of the values listed in the table. When the distance is longer, the step-down voltage can be increased. Generally, the instruments selected are the number of transformers of universal material testing machine and tensile testing machine, and multi-point power supply is implemented. The transformers should be connected to the same phase point of the power supply, and the number of transformers should generally not exceed 3

4) if it is a slotted track, there should be a 5mm 45 degree chamfer at the rail joint to avoid collision with the lower edge of 17200 solar cell blocks covered on the surface of the motorcycle wing. It is recommended to weld the rail by welding, and the joint shall be ground flat after welding

5) KPD series is a 36 V low-voltage rail powered electric flat car, which is powered by rail sliding contact line. The track construction requirements are high, and the track insulation must be ensured. It is forbidden for metal parts to touch two tracks at the same time

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