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Requirements for commodity packaging in international trade

among the many factors of commodity competition in today's international market, commodity quality, price and packaging design are the three main factors. A foreign expert who studies marketing once said, "among the 3 cutting roads to the market, packaging design is the most important. Packaging plays no less important role in promoting the overall image than advertising." The general requirements for commodity packaging in the international market are to meet the standards and attract customers. The specific requirements are as follows:

first, the name is easy to remember. The product name on the package should be easy to understand, read and remember

II. Eye catching appearance. Consumers should be able to know the characteristics of products from the appearance of packaging

III. concise printing. Packaging and printing should strive to be concise. Because the goods sold in supermarkets are selected from the shelves by customers themselves, their packaging should be attractive so that customers can notice them when they walk past the shelves and want to take them off the shelves for a look

IV. reflect reputation. Packaging should fully reflect the faith of products. 5. Loading and placing samples: adjust the position of loading and placing samples on the experimental machine, so that consumers can increase their dependence on products through the packaging of products

v. "color" is pleasing to the eye. Generally speaking, Europeans like red and yellow. Most of the high-end commodities sold in supermarkets use European popular colors, that is, colors that are light and elegant or close to white, and are expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 5billion yuan

VI. there are regional signs. The package should have product regional marks or patterns, so that people can easily identify

VII. Have awareness of environmental protection. The international community now generally attaches importance to environmental protection. For this reason, there are many new specific regulations on packaging materials in the world. The general trend is to gradually replace plastic, plastic and other materials with paper and glass. For example, Germany stipulates that corrugated boxes are used for food packaging exported from China to Germany

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