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Requirements for construction safety of high-rise buildings

in addition to complying with the safety operation regulations of general building installation engineering, technical measures for safe construction should also be prepared according to the construction characteristics of high-rise building structures

1. During the construction of high-rise buildings, reliable up-down communication measures should be taken

2. During the construction in rainy season, it should be noted that the number of rings sold around should be increased by 22.35.1 (1) in January compared with the previous year, and reliable lightning protection devices should be set up at the construction site in combination with the situation of buildings and the selection of lifting equipment

3. When using large formwork for construction, the hoisting, transportation and storage of large formwork must be stable and reliable to prevent overturning. If it cannot meet the requirements of self stabilizing angle during storage, reinforcement measures must be taken. 1. Equipment name: impact test low-temperature tank

4. When using large formwork and combined large-area steel formwork for construction, after the formwork is installed in place, a special person should be assigned to connect the steel formwork in series, and then connect the ground wire to prevent electric leakage from injuring people

5. During structural construction, small and medium-sized electrical appliances used in the construction floor should be installed with leakage devices

6. During the construction of the structure, the socket frame, plug-in frame and hanging frame used for construction load-bearing and safety protection must be designed and calculated, and the use load should be strictly controlled in use

when the hanging frame is lifted to the construction layer for use, the strength of the cast-in-place concrete of this layer should be greater than 10MPa,. The strength of cast-in-situ concrete bearing the construction load-bearing frame shall meet the requirements of construction design

7. During the construction of high-rise building structures, it is necessary to strictly prevent falling from heights and object strikes. Effective protective measures should be taken at the entrances and exits of buildings, staircases, holes and openings, as well as the traffic crossings adjacent to buildings

8. In the construction of high-rise building structures, in addition to the safety should be erected with the construction floor, a safety baffle should also be set on the first floor and every four floors, and some indicators exceed silver. Effective isolation and protection safety measures must be taken for vertical operation

9. When the wall is constructed with slip form, and the cast-in-place floor is constructed with reduced formwork, the lifting points, suspenders and connecting clamps set on the wall and the lifting points of the main truss should be installed firmly, safely and reliably, and the suspenders and clamps can be used only after being tested and inspected

10. Fire safety work must be strengthened. The fire water supply system should be equipped with high-pressure water pumps and standpipes with a diameter of not less than 76mm. Fire interfaces should be set layer by layer, and the fire water pumps should have special power supply

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