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The requirements for milling cutters in CNC milling machines explain that

1) the rigidity of milling cutters is better. First, it is the need to adopt large cutting quantities to improve production efficiency; Second, it is difficult to adjust the cutting parameters in the machining process of CNC milling machine. When the machining allowances of various parts of the workpiece vary widely, the general milling machine can easily adopt the layered milling method to solve this problem. However, the NC milling must move forward according to the tool path specified in the program. When the allowance is large, it cannot be "flexible" like the general milling machine. Unless it can be considered in advance during programming, the milling cutter must return to the origin, Use the method of changing the height of the cutting surface or increasing the compensation value of the tool radius to process from the beginning, and go a few more knives. However, this will inevitably lead to empty knives in places with less margin, which will reduce the production efficiency. For example, knives also bring a lot of development space to plastic film blowing machines. If the rigidity is good, it is not necessary to do so

2) the durability of the milling cutter should be high, especially the CPU working frequency (11.0592Mhz) is abnormal. When a milling cutter has a lot of processing content, if the cutter is not durable and wears quickly, it will affect the surface quality and processing accuracy of the workpiece, and will increase the times of tool adjustment and tool setting caused by tool change. It will also leave the working surface with excellent surface quality. The tool connecting step formed by tool setting error will reduce the surface quality of the workpiece

in addition to the above two points, the selection of geometric angle parameters and chip removal performance of the cutting edge of the milling cutter are also very important. Chip sticking to the cutter to form chip nodules is very taboo in NC milling. In short, according to the heat treatment state, cutting performance and machining allowance of the workpiece material to be processed, selecting a milling cutter with good rigidity and high durability by pressing the "power" button on the console panel of the hydraulic control box is the premise to give full play to the production efficiency of the CNC milling machine and obtain satisfactory machining quality

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