Requirements for electric shock proof electrical e

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Requirements for anti electric shock electrical equipment in coking plant

just learn how to disassemble the electrical control box and the floor before and after the distribution board of 1 equipment by learning the device, and insulating boards should be laid. Transformer and distribution rooms and electromagnetic stations shall be equipped with insulating gloves, insulating shoes, insulating rods, etc

2 the height of sliding contact line should not be less than 3.5m; If it is lower than 3.5m, the lower part shall be protected. The protection shall be well grounded

3 the clear width of the sidewalk of the electromagnetic station on the vehicle shall not be less than 0.8m. When the exposed conductor is arranged on the upper part of the sidewalk and the height from the ground is less than 2.2M, there should be a partition at the lower part, and the partition should be no less than 1.9m from the ground

4 the shell of electrical equipment (materials that can degrade into small molecules after a certain period of time, especially hand-held electric tools) and the metal protective tube of wires should have neutral or grounding protection and leakage protector with economic warming

5 the track of electric vehicle shall be repeatedly grounded, and the track joint shall be connected by cross bars

l0 - the length and external dimension of the carton (CM)

6. The voltage of the row lamp shall not be greater than 36V. In metal containers or wet places, the voltage shall not be greater than 12V. The circuit of safety voltage must be suspended

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