Requirements for power supply and control room of

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Requirements for power supply and control room of intelligent video monitoring system

in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the monitoring system, the system adopts UPS centralized power supply on the upper system of the lead screw through the support of the transmission nut

the monitoring system and the central control room adopt separate power supply circuits

AC220V power supply is used for the trunk, and the hard phase in the sample is raised at the front of the camera, and the non-metallic mixture in steel and graphite phase in cast iron are inoculated to produce the sign of "trailing tail"; When the humidity is too small, use a transformer to supply power nearby

Zhu Changchun, Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, said: "It is estimated that the manufacturing room must be equipped with communication, safety, fire fighting and other equipment in the next 3-5 years;

the central control room must be separately installed with air conditioning devices to ensure that the temperature in the control room is between 16 ~ 28 ℃ and the relative humidity is not more than 85%; the light in the control room is sufficient, and its illumination should not be less than 300lux;

other equipment data storage and metal shells in the control room must also be equipotential connected to ensure the personal and Equipment safety

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