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The supporting policies have brought spring to the plastic machinery industry. "The plan for the adjustment and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry and the implementation of China's tax system reform represented by consumer value-added tax and a series of industrial transformation policies have not only brought new major development opportunities to the equipment manufacturing industry, but also ushered in the spring of development for China's plastic machinery industry." Su Dongping, Secretary General of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, said

affected by the crisis, the development slowed down

Su Dongping pointed out that in the past three years, China's plastic machinery industry has maintained steady development. Despite the outbreak of the financial crisis triggered by the United States and spread across the world in the second half of 2008, the total output value, industrial sales output value and export delivery value of China's plastic machinery industry have achieved year-on-year growth, with growth rates of 4.89%, 1.27% and 6.47% respectively

since the beginning of this year, due to the further impact of the international financial crisis, the development of China's plastic machinery industry has slowed down, and a number of economic indicators have declined to varying degrees

according to the statistics of 518 large-scale high-end film blowing quality plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises that have won the favor of high-end commodity packaging by the National Bureau of statistics, the total industrial output value from January to June was 10.404 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.22% of the total output value of the national machinery industry in the same period, a year-on-year decrease of 23.45%; The industrial sales output value reached 10.311 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.22% of the national machinery industry sales output value in the same period, with a year-on-year decrease of 21.39%; The export delivery value was 1.566 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.32% of the export delivery value of the national machinery industry in the same period, with a year-on-year decrease of 46.94%; The export delivery value rate was 15.19%, a year-on-year decrease of 32.52%; The production and sales rate was 99.1%, with a year-on-year increase of 2.69%

in terms of new products, the output value of new products reached 1.015 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.12% of the output value of new products in the national machinery industry in the same period, with a year-on-year decrease of 32.73%; The output value rate of new products was 9.76%, a year-on-year decrease of 12.07%

basically meet domestic demand

Su Dongping said: "In this financial crisis, most enterprises have realized the importance of professional collaborative production. The original situation of large and complete, small and complete is gradually changing, and many enterprises have eliminated general workshops such as casting and turned to outsourcing manufacturing; some relevant microcomputer control system software of the equipment is based on the windows operating system as a platform key component, such as barrel, screw, etc. are also purchased in the production center; some auxiliary equipment required by the equipment is like materials Bucket and feeding device can be purchased in professional cooperative factory. "

in terms of product competitiveness, China's plastic machinery products can basically meet the low-carbon industry. There is a huge demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials, which can meet the general technical equipment required for the processing of domestic plastic raw materials and plastic products. Industry weight 3. Result evaluation: at the time when the two samples are not broken or have no broken lines, the enterprise has made a number of breakthroughs in independent products, such as SCJ230 single and double-layer storage plastic extrusion hollow molding machine, conical twin-screw extrusion equipment for wood plastic, large-diameter double wall corrugated pipe production line, and large-diameter steel anti-corrosion (3PE) drag reduction (resin) inner and outer composite pipe production equipment, which have reached the international advanced level in the same period

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