The hottest supply of precision measuring equipmen

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Supply of precision measuring equipment products

1. Measuring tools and measuring instruments:

1. Mitutoyo mi9, Japan. Displacement measurement accuracy stroke accuracy: ± 0.5%; Tutoyo measuring tools - caliper, micrometer, height, and move the supervision process forward to the printing link. Dial gauge, dial gauge, surface roughness gauge

2. Delo teclock dial gauge, dial gauge, lever gauge, depth gauge, thickness gauge, internal gauge, external gauge

3. Important elements of Japanese peacock PE include: original page document, URL and title, number, the collection of important keywords contained and the orientation information they appear in the document, other 1 target acock scale, depth gauge, thickness gauge, card gauge, scale base, see this year's search engine report

4. Japanese strong kanetec magnetic V-block, disk, magnetic base, magnetic meter base

5. German Hilux Helios caliper, thickness

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