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Suqian color plastic packaging Co., Ltd. develops and produces new packaging materials project

I. Basic information of the enterprise

the company has assets of 145 million yuan, net fixed assets of 67.12 million yuan, debt ratio of 58%, 450 employees, including 150 professional and technical personnel. At present, there are 50 production lines using chemical coating or vacuum coating method with a total investment of about 57.05 million yuan. The annual output of high vacuum aluminizing (color) film, high vacuum aluminizing (color) paper is 10000 tons, PVC transparent sheet and kink film are 5000 tons, PVC heat shrinkable sleeve and printing film are 3000 tons, heat shrinkable color printing labels are 3 billion, metal like self-adhesive labels are 2 billion, and high-end offset printing battery cards are 100 million. The market is spread across 30 provinces (cities) across the country Autonomous Region, and exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, is one of the large-scale packaging enterprises in East China. PVC heat shrinkable film products have been rated as "excellent new products in Jiangsu Province" by the province, and the enterprise has won the titles of "advanced enterprise in quality management in Jiangsu Province", "star enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "AAA credit enterprise" and so on for many consecutive years

II. Investment project

project construction content: introduce biaxial stretching BOPET film production line, Slitter, laboratory equipment, recycling and granulation system, purchase domestic chip drying, transportation and storage, air compression, refrigeration and other equipment, and complete the transformation of plant, power supply, air conditioning and other public works according to different materials and fire fighting, so as to form an annual production capacity of 16000 tons of BOPET film

investment scale: the total investment of the project is 188.04 million yuan, including fixed asset investment of 175.21 million yuan and supporting working capital of 12.83 million yuan

financial benefit prediction: after the project is put into operation, the annual sales revenue will be 288 million yuan, 3.55 million yuan after the profit and tax 6 ceremony, and the profit will be 48.16 million yuan

mode of cooperation: joint venture, cooperation

contact address: Suqian Economic and Trade Commission

(source: Suqian business window, Jiangsu local business window)

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