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Discussion and Research on the situation of the remaining temperature in the selection of fasteners

in the past year, the top ten selection of fasteners hosted by Huicong was successfully held, and the resulting remaining temperature in the top ten selection has not dissipated. Many familiar names have appeared in the awards of accessory suppliers for the top ten selection of important decisions in the hardware industry, which has entered the registration stage

with the rise of Internet marketing and e-commerce, more and more enterprises start to pay attention to these rapid communication and marketing methods. In the past year, enterprises need a platform to show what achievements they have made and what technological innovations they have made

on the premise of the favorable development trend of the hardware accessories industry, on January 1, 2013, Huicong hardware officially launched the activity of "China's new forces - Huicong 2012 top ten selection of the hardware industry", aiming to find positive energy in the industry

Huicong hardware has sent a large number of excellent enterprise representatives to the industry for four consecutive years since 2008, which has won high praise in the industry and has been known as the "Oscar" in the hardware industry. Since the launch of this year's top ten selection, it has received the active participation of many enterprises, including Bosch, Germany, which will make more use of the automotive field, such as Nuo and Mattel. There are seven awards in this top ten selection, covering the hardware industry segments. The registration period is from January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2013

the seven awards of "China's new forces - Huicong 2012 top ten selection of hardware industry" include the top ten most influential hand tool brands in China's hardware industry in 2012, top ten brands such as hydraulic power tools, top ten abrasive suppliers, top ten accessory suppliers, top ten pioneers, top ten excellent merchants and top ten circulation merchants. The Organizing Committee of the top ten hardware companies called on industry enterprises to actively participate in the evaluation and hand in the perfect answer paper of the year. Butachon

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