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Discussion on the selection and maintenance of fan bearings

bearing is an important component among many fan components. The quality of the bearing will directly affect the use of the fan, so how to choose it is very important. Just knowing how to choose and not knowing maintenance, you can't get the best play of the bearing. Now let's introduce the selection and maintenance of fan bearings

in the selection of fans, we often choose fans with good appearance quality at the age of 47, but this is only one direction. For the internal components of fans, we should also make an accurate selection. The key to whether the bearings can be qualified is whether they can play a full role in use. For users who have no experience in fan selection, the quality of each component of fans can be greatly guaranteed with the help of professionals After the selection is correct, we will solve and maintain some problems in the use of the fan

the maintenance of fan bearings is not limited to adding lubricant. The quality and quantity of lubricants should also be controlled, and the operating parameters of the lubrication system should be checked in detail. The alignment of the shaft centerline should also be checked, mainly to check the radial eccentricity and axial offset. During the operation of the bearing, check the temperature change of the bearing according to the principle of "check every 15 minutes within 1 hour and every hour within 6 hours", and grasp the temperature of the bearing at any time

the lubrication system of the fan is most closely related to the bearing, so we must pay attention to the effectiveness of the lubrication system during maintenance. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the time interval for adding lubricant should be shortened to half of the specified time interval when the bearing temperature rises above 15 ℃. If the exhaust temperature is too high, check the operating conditions and restore the normal exhaust temperature. When there is too much lubricant in the bearing, restore the appropriate amount of lubricant and check the operation of the throttle valve. According to these maintenance common sense to maintain the bearing of the fan 5 After the sample is broken, the wear of the bearing can be reduced to a great extent, and energy can be saved for users. Therefore, full attention must be paid to the selection and maintenance of one hydraulic pulsator 400ml

it can be seen from the above that the selection of fan bearings affects the intensity of future maintenance investment. Improper maintenance will directly affect the operation of the fan. Therefore, in the selection, we should be careful, and at the same time, we must combine the future maintenance to give full play to the best effect of the bearing

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