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Discussion on the recovery of growth situation in the photovoltaic industry in 2013

although most photovoltaic manufacturers will continue to lose a lot of money, the market prospect is still very slim. One thing that is different is that the experimental data are displayed on the display screen, but Deutsche Bank expects the photovoltaic industry market to grow by 22% in 2013, reaching 33.4gw

Reuters reported that Deutsche Bank analysts expect the solar market to grow in 2013. At the same time, the new report of the national industry association has selected the shares that will grow in the next few years

the growth of photovoltaic market is driven by the growth of photovoltaic market in China, the United States and India, which will offset the decline of Sino Italian market. Deutsche Bank explained to the photovoltaic market last year. The document points out that the Chinese market will grow by more than 2 in 2013, reaching 10GW; The Indian market will grow three times to 4gw; The Chinese market will increase the integration of existing resources for Industry and social services by 29%, reaching 4,5gw

in addition, Shah predicts that the market demand of Germany and Italy will shrink. Previously, Germany and Italy were the world's leading and third largest markets in 2012, respectively

other analysts also said that solar stocks will rise. The National Industry Council released a report today: firstsolar extended its cooperation with RD intermolecular, which will promote the progress of U.S. silicon film manufacturers and project developers

the national industry association also pointed out that the recently listed SolarCity stock is a stock that investors should pay attention to, indicating that the increase in installed capacity of the company in the fourth quarter of 2012 is another symbol of strong growth. SolarCity's installed capacity in the fourth quarter was 159mw, which exceeded the target of the fourth quarter by 10MW

in the report, the national industry commission said: we expect clean energy and environmental protection products companies to rise strongly, and the data show strength

according to the suggestions of US stock market analysts, Suntech shares have returned to above the lowest trading price on the New York Stock Exchange. China glass () department

under the internal economic cycle, China 2 in April 2021 Automatic calibration · Chengdu Construction Expo talks with you about new opportunities in the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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