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Supply side reform boosts glass de capacity

in order to thoroughly implement the central strategic deployment and unswervingly promote supply side structural reform, the "Exchange Conference on de capacity, steady growth, structural adjustment and efficiency gains in the flat glass industry" was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province on July 30. Since August, Fujian, Jiangxi and Henan have successively formulated policies to curb the development of overcapacity industries such as flat glass and pay attention to environmental protection issues in the flat glass industry

in order to implement the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country

Fujian: illegal construction of new capacity projects in cement, flat glass and other industries is strictly prohibited

Fujian Provincial People's Government of petrochemical construction specially formulated the overall plan for promoting supply side structural reform in Fujian Province (year). The scheme includes: 1. It is strictly prohibited to add excess capacity. Strictly implement the national industrial policies, strictly prohibit the illegal construction of new capacity projects in steel, coal, cement, flat glass, shipbuilding and other industries, and do not handle land supply, energy assessment, environmental assessment approval, new credit support and other businesses for such projects. 2。 Eliminate and reduce excess and inefficient capacity. The illegal production capacity that does not meet the standards of environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and technology should be rectified in accordance with the law within the specified time limit, and the projects and enterprises that meet the standards and minimize the waste of high cost should be shut down and returned in accordance with the law

Nanchang, Jiangxi Province strictly forbids the introduction of industries with overcapacity such as cement and glass.

in terms of industrial development, projects in industries with overcapacity such as steel, cement, flat glass and ships are strictly prohibited from entering Nanchang through investment attraction. Relevant departments do not approve and file such projects, and strictly control the development of industries with high water consumption and high pollution along the "five rivers and one lake"

Henan: cement and flat glass manufacturing enterprises will be punished daily for exceeding the standard discharge.

in order to implement the "1+6+7" work plan, Henan Provincial Department of environmental protection has specially formulated the work plan for environmental supervision and law enforcement in the battle of air pollution prevention and control, requiring that by the end of October, 2741 gas-related "small scattered and poor" polluting enterprises should be shut down, removed, and the main experimental force should be retreated and eliminated in place. The main tasks of the plan include: in terms of law enforcement and inspection in the steel, cement manufacturing, flat glass manufacturing, coal and electrolytic aluminum industries, take daily fines, shutdown and rectification measures for enterprises with excessive pollutant emissions according to law, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure; Focus on the inspection of the operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, the discharge of pollutants, the installation and operation of automatic monitoring facilities, and the implementation of measures to limit production or stop production

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