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Changzhou Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing all-round maintenance services and automation system engineering services for industrial automation control products and drive products

the company can repair all kinds of_ Servo motor, servo controller, motion controller, numerical control system, frequency converter, DC governor, PLC programmable controller, and the list of goods subject to tariffs on the United States 2 cover all imported waste paper varieties, touch screen (HMI), customer service management, service information feedback, and product process management

maintenance center: maintain all kinds of servo motors, servo controllers, motion controllers, numerical control systems, frequency converters, DC governors, PLC programmable controllers, touch screens (HMI), various industrial control boards, circuit board oil circuit systems with serious oil leakage or oil pipe cracking, and other special control systems

more stable Engineering Department of industrial system: automatic production line engineering project, numerical control equipment upgrading and transformation, frequency conversion and energy saving project, electromechanical integration engineering project, customized electromechanical products, etc. particleboard, medium density fiberboard, plywood are all man-made boards, which can provide one-stop services of design, manufacturing and debugging

Suqian Anchuan robot touch screen maintenance_ Detailed explanation of the principle of and driver

_ ③ For the replacement of some printed circuit boards, some specific operations need to be carried out after replacement to complete the establishment of software and parameters. This requires careful reading of the usage of the corresponding circuit board. ④ There are many printed circuit boards that will not be pulled out easily, such as those containing working memory or spare battery boards, which will lose useful parameters or programs. When developing the power supply system of CNC machine tools, we should try our best to: ① provide an independent power distribution box instead of being used in series with other equipment. ② Suburbs with poor power supply quality should be equipped with three-phase AC voltage stabilizing devices. ③ The starting end of the power supply is well grounded. ④ The three-phase five wire system shall be adopted for the three-phase power supply entering the CNC machine tool, and the neutral line (n) and grounding (PE) shall be strictly separated

Changzhou Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd.: precision machinery manufacturing department: with large horizontal machining center (with exchange workbench), vertical machining center, wire cutting, turning, milling, planing and grinding and other precision machining equipment, it can produce all kinds of non-standard equipment, molds, various mechanical parts, products, etc

the company has professional testing equipment and test platform, integrated circuit tester, load test equipment, etc., which can detect the running state of maintenance products, and can conduct air and load tests. We have filed all maintenance products for follow-up visits and timely information feedback from customers

Suqian Anchuan robot touch screen maintenance_ Detailed explanation of the principle of the driver ⑤ troubleshooting preparation some troubleshooting methods can not be very simple, some faults are often more complex, and a series of preparations need to be done, such as the preparation of tools and instruments, local disassembly, parts and components repair, component procurement and even the formulation of troubleshooting plan steps, etc. The process of investigation, recommendation and diagnosis of electrical system faults of CNC machine tools will also become the process of troubleshooting. If the cause is found out, the faults will be almost more than troubleshooting_

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