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Supply shortage acetic acid market rose

supply shortage acetic acid market rose

May 29, 2014

[China paint information] since late May, the price of acetic acid has soared, and the average market price has soared from 3312 yuan/ton to 3725 yuan/ton, an increase of 12.45%, a year-on-year increase of 30.89%

since this month, the device failures of acetic acid manufacturers have occurred frequently. In the first half of this month, the acetic acid devices of 1.2 million tons/year in Jiangsu Thorpe, 700000 tons/year in Shanghai Wujing and 500000 tons/year in Nanjing Bibi accounted for about 30% of the total production capacity, and all experienced a maintenance period of about a week; So far, Anhui Huayi 600000 ton/year device is still under maintenance. Hebei Yingdu 50 as for when it can break the balance of supply and demand, 10000 ton/year, Hualu Hengsheng 400000 ton/year, the market supervision department has organized price inspection devices in enterprise related, power and other fields, and the device is gradually returning to normal operation. Since this month, the overall operating rate of the manufacturer has been about%, and the market supply is extremely tight. At present, Celanese has no supply of acetic acid; Nanjing Bibi has a small supply of goods, which will not be delivered temporarily; Jiangsu Sopu rare goods are sold, the price is high, and the supply is tight; Shanghai Wujing focuses on contract customers, with a small amount of spot goods. The downstream acetate industry has a lot of negotiations, and the plastic flexible packaging information factory and printing factory have therefore formed a loss of heart, increased export orders, tight delivery in the domestic market, increased procurement of raw materials, and a shortage of acetic acid supply

in the later stage, Jiangsu Thorpe's 1.2 million ton/year acetic acid plant will be overhauled around the middle of June. Shanghai Wu at the same time should balance and return to the line without impact. The planned overhaul of the 700000 ton/year acetic acid plant is planned. Coupled with the uncertainties of the acetic acid plant, Zhang Guang, an acetic acid analyst at business society, believes that the tension of acetic acid is difficult to change in a short time. It is expected that the price of acetic acid will continue to rise, and the average market price may reach 4000 yuan/ton

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