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Supply concerns boosted crude oil PVC or maintained weakness

Dalian PVC futures finished at a low level on the 24th, and fell in large quantities in the afternoon. The main 1309 contract closed at 6485 yuan/ton, down 95 yuan. Yesterday, A-share fell 5.3%, and the whole market was shrouded in a pessimistic atmosphere. Short funds did not rush to leave the market for profit at the close, which showed that the short position pattern continued. V1309 finished low and fell in the afternoon. It may fall below the lower edge of the short-term range, or it may be low before testing

the prices of U.S. crude oil and Brent crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell early on Monday, falling to a three week low, and then rebounded. As Canada's main oil production, Alberta, which is regarded as an indicator of material resistance, suffered the worst flood attack in history, threatening exports to the United States. In August, U.S. crude oil rose $1.49 to settle at $95.18 a barrel, while Brent crude oil futures rose $0.25 to settle at $101.16 a barrel

enbridge closed the 12 foot long pipeline 37 on Monday because it found that about 750 barrels of crude oil had leaked in Northern Alberta on June 22. This pipeline was used by Canadian oil company nexen Inc to transport synthetic crude oil. To be cautious, Athabasca and waupisoo were also forced to close. This caused a shortage of crude oil supply in the United States. After the announcement, crude oil prices rose violently, ending the previous four consecutive days of decline

in terms of spot goods, the mainstream quotation in the market is relatively strong due to tight supply, and the trading situation is general. Up to now, ordinary type 5 electric stone is mainstream in East China, but some special steel can only be supplied from overseas or the United States with a limited supply of 700 yuan/ton; The mainstream in South China is RMB/ton self lifting; Shandong mainstream is delivered in yuan/ton; Hebei mainstream sent to ② sample deformation measurement in yuan/ton: through large deformation measurement system or electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement)

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