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Fangyuan support: close view military industry and far view robot is recommended

Fangyuan support: close view military industry and far view robot is recommended

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it is predicted that the EPS of Fangyuan support company in are 0.10 and 0.2 respectively. We are committed to establishing close contacts with customers. 3 and 0.29 yuan, and the corresponding PE are 87, 40 and 31 respectively. The company is one of the few domestic suppliers with special slewing support qualifications, constantly exploring the field of non engineering machinery to improve the utilization rate of production capacity. The company's progress in the military and intelligent fields has brought new opportunities for the company, and is optimistic about the future development of the company. Give the company a "recommended" rating

as the only listed company in the domestic slewing support industry, Fangyuan bearing company has leading technology and obvious qualification advantages: the company is the largest professional slewing ring manufacturer integrating R & D, design and manufacturing in China. It is the first and only listed company in the industry, and it is the first private manufacturer of radar slewing ring officially certified by the military in China. The company now has four holding subsidiaries of Changsha Fangyuan slewing ring Co., Ltd., Liuyang Fangyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Ma'anshan Fangyuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Tongsheng Ring Co., Ltd. and four business divisions of general, precision, reassembly and Fangyuan transmission machinery. It has a provincial enterprise technology center and Anhui slewing ring Engineering technology research center

the non construction machinery industry has expanded smoothly and gradually improved the utilization rate of production capacity: the company's products are widely used in the fields of construction machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, metallurgical machinery, light industrial machinery, clean energy, wind power generation, medical CT and military industry, and for many years, they have been XCMG, Yuchai, Sany, Liugong Foton Lovol and other famous domestic enterprises provide, but not all experimental machines are suitable for the tensile test supporting products of flexible packaging materials. In terms of export, they have good market popularity and reputation in the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Continuously improve the single situation contributed by the downstream and the construction machinery industry, and constantly expand the non construction machinery field. Remarkable results were achieved in the first half of 2014. At the same time, the downstream expansion of the non construction machinery industry has effectively solved the company's overcapacity situation and improved the company's capacity utilization

the slewing support products are innovative, and the intelligent scheme becomes the main line: with the help of the provincial postdoctoral scientific research workstation, the company carries out the first topic - "research and development of intelligent slewing support" to speed up industrial upgrading. On the one hand, intelligent slewing ring will revolutionize the manufacturing level of slewing ring and improve its overall performance, which will become an important chip for slewing ring manufacturing enterprises to participate in market competition; On the other hand, intelligent slewing ring will effectively monitor the operation status of slewing ring in real time and estimate its service life, which is the new generation of products that slewing ring users are looking forward to purchasing. Therefore, the development of intelligent slewing ring is of great significance. The main application industries are engineering machinery, military equipment, precision instruments and equipment, industrial automation intelligent production lines and new energy equipment

participate in Jingtian hydraulic to enter the robot industry chain, and the future layout of the robot industry is ready: the company invests and holds 11.76% equity of Anhui Jingtian hydraulic company. The company has a provincial hydraulic vibration engineering technology research center, which is the only technical center specializing in hydraulic vibration technology research and product development in China. Hydraulic crushing hammer and Demolition Robot have been rated as "national key new products". The company's participation in robot company is also one of the directions of the company's continuous development towards intelligent equipment. The company's intelligent rotary support has become a unique intelligent product in the market, which is bound to bring a leap to the company's development

Weng Yunxuan, Secretary General of the degradable plastics special committee of China Plastics Association, introduced the risk warning: the performance of intelligent rotary support and new industry development was lower than expected

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