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China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen: we are serious about making plates

with the prevalence of environmentally friendly home decoration, people's requirements for room health are also gradually improving. Of course, we have to start from the source if we want to have a healthy home environment. Plate is one of the indispensable and important decorative materials in home decoration. Choosing the right environmentally friendly home decoration materials is a responsibility for the health of yourself and your family. So, how do consumers choose such environmentally friendly decoration boards in the market? Today, China's top ten brands of fine wood craftsman health plate editor will first introduce one of the environmental protection materials - fine wood craftsman net aldehyde antibacterial ecological board

as a new generation of interior decoration materials, because of its natural, green and environmental protection characteristics, many people are fascinated when choosing decoration materials. But I can't help worrying about whether it's really as environmentally friendly as the legend and suitable for home use. Today, let's talk about the refined craftsman's aldehyde antibacterial ecological board to see what benefits it has. Refined wood craftsman net aldehyde antibacterial ecological board is a functional board that can remove aldehyde and resist bacteria. On the basis of meeting the E0 standard, using the patented aldehyde antibacterial technology developed by CEIBS, nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent is implanted into the surface of impregnated paper, so that it has the function of absorbing and decomposing free formaldehyde in the indoor air and has the function of antibacterial

purified air

refined wood craftsman formaldehyde purification antibacterial board adopts the patented technology of China Europe science and technology. E0 grade board core is added with formaldehyde purification antibacterial function. Through laboratory testing, the formaldehyde purification efficiency is as high as 79.9%, the purification effect durability is as high as 63.7%, and the antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%, leaving free formaldehyde nowhere to escape. Refined craftsman formaldehyde purifying antibacterial board, an air purifier that will never be powered off in your home decoration

super long service life

the nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent used by the refined wood craftsman aldehyde purification antibacterial ecological board can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde for a long time to ensure the health of families. It can be said to be a one-time investment with lifelong income

stain resistance

it is common for furniture to be stained in life. The antifouling ability of furniture and building materials directly affects its service life. The refined wood craftsman's aldehyde purifying antibacterial ecological board has a certain anti fouling ability. If you accidentally leave a water pen handwriting, you can be as clean as before as long as you gently wipe it with a paper towel

soft color

refined wood craftsman net aldehyde antibacterial ecological board has a variety of colors, including Baitang autumn moon, Ninghai early day, American oak, light silver gray, mahogany flower branches, Nanshan pine and cypress, etc. each style of color is naturally soft and not easy to fatigue the eyes. Especially for families with children, children are under great pressure to learn. Continuous use of eyes and stimulation by indoor light will have a great impact on their future strength. The use of refined craftsman's aldehyde antibacterial ecological board can better bring comfortable home life to families and children

the beauty of life comes from pure aldehyde. Refined craftsman pure aldehyde antibacterial ecological board gives you an original ecological home space

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