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Mr. Zhang bought a second-hand house in the middle of this year. He plans to decorate it as soon as possible, and he can move into a new house when he gets married next year. But all kinds of procedures have been handled, and with the help of home decoration companies and private construction teams, the construction began in mid October. Now it is November, and the decoration has not been fully carried out. There is news that heating may be advanced this year. The temperature has plummeted. Facing the embarrassing situation of winter construction, Mr. Zhang has many concerns. In view of the problems that may be faced by winter construction, manager Zhao of a decoration company summarized four points for attention to the owners of winter decoration. Manager Zhao said that one of the most important preconditions for winter construction is that the indoor temperature should always be kept at 5 degrees Celsius above zero, otherwise it will greatly affect the construction quality. At the same time, we must pay attention to the following matters: first, use glue to ensure that the temperature makes the glue dry quickly without delaying the construction period. When decorating, there are many places where glue may be used, such as ceiling, background wall, indoor decorations &hellip& hellip; It is inevitable to use glue in the construction process of these things, and a large amount of glue may be used in some special parts. Manager Zhao said that the temperature is too low, and even if the glue does not fail, it still has the bonding effect, but its slow drying will affect the construction process, which is likely to slow down the progress of the later construction period. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain the normal state of glue and the room temperature of 5 degrees above zero. At the same time, almost all the glue contains chemical components, which will spread slowly if it dries slowly, affecting the indoor air quality. 2、 Using cement plus antifreeze or maintaining a suitable temperature to ensure its strength is an important project in house decoration, and tiling requires cement, and the application of cement is also exquisite. During construction in winter, once the mixed cement is cooled, it may fail. In addition, what is more serious is that after the bricks have been pasted, the temperature will drop suddenly, which will seriously affect the cement strength and threaten the project quality. In addition, low temperature will also prolong the setting time of cement, which is not conducive to the construction period. Manager Zhao said: when using cement, we must pay attention to thermal insulation, especially when the brick has been pasted and the temperature suddenly drops, which is most likely to affect the strength of cement. He suggested that during winter construction, it is best to add antifreeze to cement to ensure construction quality. When tiling the balcony of the villa, a layer of external thermal insulation material should be added to cover it, so as to achieve double insurance. 3、 The most taboo is to brush the paint without drying it thoroughly, that is, brushing it twice will peel and crack. The moisture in the paint is the largest, so it is also most affected by temperature. Brush the paint for three times, one layer of primer and two layers of finish paint. In this process, it is most taboo to brush the next layer before the previous layer is completely dry. In winter, the temperature is low, the water evaporation is slow, and the paint naturally dries slowly. At this time, it is very possible to paint the next layer when the previous layer is not completely dry in order to rush the construction period. Manager Zhao said that once there is a phenomenon of brushing the next layer before the previous layer is completely dry, it is very likely that after heating, the temperature will suddenly rise, and the temperature difference between the front and back is too large, resulting in peeling, blistering and even cracking of the wall. In order to avoid this phenomenon, pay attention to the indoor temperature when painting. The last layer of paint should be dry and form a film before painting for the second time. Do not affect the construction quality in order to rush the construction period. 4、 Lay the floor to adapt the floor to the indoor temperature and prevent the trouble caused by heat expansion and cold contraction. You may know the basic common sense of heat expansion and cold contraction, but you may not care so much when decorating. Manager Zhao reminded that this problem must be taken into account when paving the floor. Most brands of warehouses do not have heating equipment, so the wood will shrink there. Therefore, when the floor is transported home, it must be placed for a day or two to make the wood adapt to the temperature at home, and then begin to lay the floor, so that there will be no floor deformation, cracking and other phenomena caused by excessive temperature difference. However, just this is not enough. Due to the temperature difference in four seasons, in order to prevent the thermal expansion in summer, attention should also be paid to leaving a larger gap when paving the floor in winter, so as to prevent the potential thermal expansion in summer




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