How to deal with lampblack in open kitchen

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Nowadays, the open kitchen is more and more popular with young people. The kitchen is no longer a forgotten corner. The concept of open kitchen has also begun to rise in the homes of ordinary people. According to incomplete statistics, the proportion of open kitchen in today's fashion decoration is about 20-30%, and there is a gradual upward trend. However, the differences between Chinese and Western food have caused some shortcomings in this kitchen layout: the Chinese cooking method is different from western food, which often leads to the problem of oil smoke and turns the home into a big smoke stove. See what experts suggest. The most fundamental way to ensure the freshness of the open kitchen environment is to choose a range hood with a high power of more than one kilowatt. At present, the multifunctional smoke reduction guard on the market should be the first choice. Its function is strong, and its overall beauty is also very beautiful. In order to ensure good ventilation, remove the smell of indoor oil smoke, and make the indoor light brighter, it is essential to choose environmentally friendly and intelligent cabinets, and it is also a good way to open a large window in the house. You can also subdivide the functions of the kitchen and restaurant and try to build a compound kitchen. Generally, the open kitchen can be divided into four areas, the hot operation area (cooking area); Cold operation area (meal preparation area); Storage and dining areas. The compound kitchen is to connect the kitchen with the dining room first, and then separate the hot operation area from the other three areas. The hot operation area is designed to be 3 to 4 square meters, with glass sliding doors as the spacing, so that the cooking supplies in the meal preparation area can be accessed at any time. The remaining more than ten square meters can be designed as cold operation area, meal preparation area and dining area, which not only effectively solves the problem of limited space; It also controls the spread of oil smoke and reduces the scope of pollution; At the same time, dry and wet areas and clean and dirty areas are separated, which is suitable for the cooking habits of Chinese food





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