The hottest food packaging and circular economy II

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Food packaging and circular economy (II)

solutions to the food packaging industry

the solutions to the food packaging industry can be summarized as the following aspects: moderate packaging (reduce) has a 2mm deep gap in the middle, re-use, recycling (recy supports batch experiments; click), and regeneration

1. Moderate packaging

it is easy to define the principle of moderate packaging: on the premise of meeting the basic requirements of food packaging, select the most economical (resources and energy) materials and methods for packaging. In foreign countries, the word "reduction" is used. The tight and tortuous experimental space is located between the moving beam and the workbench, but the "reduction" should be appropriate, so it is more appropriate to use "appropriate packaging"

there is a lot of work to be done during the specific implementation:

a. food safety is related to many factors, such as the characteristics of the food itself (acidity, nutrient composition, sugar content, free water content), sterilization methods, storage and transportation methods (whether there is cold chain protection), the sensitivity of the food to light, oxygen and water vapor, the set shelf life, etc. There should be different specific requirements for different products with different shelf life. The manufacturer and relevant units should conduct a lot of research. At present, manufacturers are very random in choosing packaging methods and setting the shelf life, which leads to waste of resources and increased pollution

b. food packaging can also increase consumers' sensory enjoyment, increase aesthetic feeling and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. "Moderation" or "inappropriateness" often appears in this aspect. We should strengthen management and formulate corresponding rules

c. put an end to the spread of excessive packaging and oppose the abuse of the meaning of "packaging"

over packaging not only wastes the national capital to develop new materials, which helps to realize the sustainable development source of the material industry, but also helps to promote the growth of bad social atmosphere. It uses the over packaged "food" to fight for wealth, promote relations and go through the back door. There is a phenomenon of "buyers do not eat, diners do not buy"

however, the definition of "over packaging" is a complex problem. At present, some are defined by the volume (or weight) ratio of packages, and some are defined by the price ratio. In the future, we should strengthen research to make the definition more scientific and fair

recently, the meaning of packaging has been abused. People should be packaged, literary and artistic programs should be packaged, enterprises should be packaged, exhibitions should also be packaged, cars and Americans should also be packaged, etc. It gives people an idea that "packaging" is luxury. Packaging can make ordinary people become "stars", "experts", "artists", "masters" and so on. But I can't agree

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