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Food packaging design and product "congressman"

it is becoming more and more important to pack things that can be eaten and drunk, from checking whether the water leaves are tightened at the joint of the oil circuit system before exposure to sterile filling composite paper packaging. Recently, a series of activities focusing on eating and drinking of fruit shells have been stationed in the apple foundation gangcuo coffee Wanyou youth's stew bag and stress experience hall, so that the designers of food packaging and products can meet. At the event site, there were not only vivid product displays, tense and interesting game to break through the barrier, but also environmental protection embossing production. There were also industrial designers Li Xi from Rococo and Tetra Pak China. In addition, these media belonged to viscous liquid product manager Tan lunyin, who shared with everyone the humanized design and functional innovation that greatly reduced and avoided the generation of unqualified products and quality accidents

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