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Food machinery exhibition will be held in Beijing this month. From August 25 to 27, the "2006 China food processing machinery packaging equipment technology and food raw and auxiliary materials exhibition" jointly sponsored by China Food Culture Research Association and China food news will be opened in the new hall of Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall. More than 200 manufacturers and operators of food processing machinery and packaging equipment, food raw and auxiliary materials from all over the country participated in the exhibition. The exhibition will set up a food processing machinery and packaging equipment exhibition area, as well as a food raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area that must be pointed out. Through on-site investigation of enterprises, review of application materials, organization of review meetings and other situations, the exhibition will display food processing machinery, beverage production equipment, ice cream equipment, packaging equipment, food additives, food ingredients, innovative food, etc. while meeting the high standards of PORON polyurethane family

information source: Beijing Youth Daily

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