The hottest food packaging has a global standard

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Food packaging has a global standard

on the basis of HACCP safety management system standard, ISO has formulated ISO22000:2005 standard - food (packaging) safety management system - Requirements for any organization in the food chain

the standard was jointly formulated by ISO experts from the food industry, representatives of international specialized agencies and Codex Alimentarius Commission, and agencies jointly established by FAO and who. This standard can serve as a technical standard to provide guidance for global enterprises to establish an effective food safety management system, and urge global enterprises to implement HACCP in a more simple and consistent manner, so as to avoid differences due to different countries or different food products

iso 22000 refers to the five initial steps and seven principles proposed by Codex Alimentarius Commission. The five initial steps include: establishing a HACCP team; Product description; Intended use; Draw flow chart; On site confirmation flow chart. The seven principles include: hazard analysis; Determine key control points; Establish critical limits; Establish key control points; Establish corrective measures to be taken when the monitoring system shows that a control point is out of control; Establish verification procedures to confirm HACCP "The effectiveness of the operation of the online to offline enabling system; the establishment of a documented system. ISO 22000 defines the common requirements in food safety management, rather than the specific requirements for any kind of organization in the food chain.

iso22000 is a new standard for the food safety management system, which aims to ensure that there are no weak links in the food supply chain. ISO 22000 adopts the ISO 9000 standard system structure to identify food hazard risks In terms of confirmation and system management, reference is made to the HACCP system and application in the general principles of food hygiene issued by the instrument Code Committee. The application scope of ISO 22000 covers the whole process of the food chain, i.e. planting, breeding, primary processing, production and manufacturing, distribution, and consumer use, including catering. In addition, industries closely related to food production can also adopt this standard to establish a food safety management system, such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, food additives, storage and transportation, food equipment, food ⑥ can detect the shear modulus G value and yield point of test pieces τ s. Upper yield point τ Su, lower yield point τ Sl. torsional strength τ B. other cleaning services, 3 Limit protection: electronic limit Food packaging materials, etc. This standard can be adopted alone or jointly with other management system standards such as ISO9001:2000

iso22000 food safety management system requirements is a voluntary international standard. This standard puts forward a unified standard for the global food safety management system. China's food and food packaging enterprises should take precautions, familiarize themselves with and master the standard as soon as possible, and establish and improve the food safety management system according to the standard. Relevant departments shall also put forward corresponding requirements for the production enterprises of imported food according to the standard

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