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The development trend of food packaging machinery this year

at present, the competition of international packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, food packaging machinery should cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and strive in the following four directions:

1 The market is becoming increasingly monopolized. Since the pilot production of the project, the experts believe that the production concentration of the top 50 enterprises can reach 50% ~ 60% by 2005, and continue to develop towards large-scale and collectivization in order to pursue economies of scale. However, small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly introduce production lines under the current situation of insufficient capital and technical strength, but can adopt the mode of providing spare parts production for large machinery enterprises. At present, in addition to the certain scale and advantages of corrugated box packaging machinery and some small packaging machines, other packaging machinery in China is almost out of system and scale, especially some complete packaging production lines with large demand in the market, such as liquid filling production line, beverage packaging container equipment, sterile packaging production line, cigarette packaging production line, etc., are monopolized by several large packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market. As foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market, some uncompetitive domestic packaging machinery enterprises will be acquired, merged or bankrupt by domestic and foreign enterprises. Some packaging products will be monopolized by several large enterprises, and the scope of monopoly will gradually expand from cigarette and beverage packaging machinery products to other packaging machinery products

2. Specialization of parts production

the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the universal ability of food packaging machinery processing and the entire packaging system, so the specialization of food packaging machinery parts production is an inevitable trend of development. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by some general standard parts factories, such as wedge fixture, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers. This is because many control components or structural components of packaging machinery are the same as general equipment and can be borrowed. At present, the pattern of "small and complete" and "large and complete" in China's packaging industry should be adjusted as soon as possible

3. The technology of intelligent packaging has been put into use in the United States, France and other places. Food technology researchers estimate that 20% to 40% of food packaging will apply intelligent packaging technology in the future. Intelligence can more effectively detect and control the quality of food, or directly display whether the food is fresh, so that consumers do not have to wait until after unpacking to find out whether the food has deteriorated. For example, in order to delay the deterioration of food due to oxidation, ecoflex ○ r has no advantage in terms of price. At present, the common practice is to put an iron powder packet in the package and use the iron oxidation process to consume the oxygen in the package. However, some customers don't work hard when they see a small package printed with the word "don't eat" in the food, and the new package is to add a layer of "oxygen absorbing" material to the packaging paper, which can make them feel much more comfortable. Some fresh-keeping foods need to be kept at low temperature, otherwise the bacteria in them will become active, leading to food deterioration. Put a new label on the package that can indicate the time and temperature. The chemical components in the label will polymerize when the temperature rises, and the color of the label will change accordingly. From this, customers can know at what temperature the food is stored, how long it has been stored, and how fresh it is

at present, some companies in the United States are developing fresh-keeping instruction packaging for frozen food. The new packaging can monitor the gas released from the decay and deterioration of meat, fish or vegetables due to improper freezing. Different fruits and vegetables require different concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and packaging technologies for this feature are also being developed. A company in California is developing a packaging film, which can change its permeability with temperature to meet the different needs of different fruits and vegetables for oxygen and carbon dioxide. In New Zealand, researchers are developing a kind of fruit packaging, which can indicate when a fruit that is afraid of squeezing and pressing, such as peaches, is ripe

4. The development direction of China's food packaging machinery industry in the future is to strive for excellence and expertise. It is not feasible to expand the production quantity by simple repetition, and to extend to the upstream and downstream. China's packaging machinery industry must take the road of specialized production. We should develop medium and high-grade equipment, strive to improve the technical content, make products refined, refined, specialized and strong, and rely on technological progress to promote the development of the industry. At present, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of packaging machinery, and high-tech products integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light, biology and magnetism continue to emerge. High efficiency of production, high utilization of resources, energy saving of products, practicality of high-tech and commercialization of scientific research achievements have become the development trend of packaging machinery in the world, which is also the development direction of China's packaging machinery industry. Therefore, experts believe that China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises should not seek perfection, but refinement and expertise

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