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Food machinery: with the rapid development of steamed bread machinery, there are still many problems.

steamed bread has long been placed on the shelves of supermarkets and stalls in market markets as a commodity. In the past 10 years, the research and development of steamed bread engineering equipment have been greatly improved. Some enterprises have increased investment and developed steamed bread engineering equipment of different specifications, which has produced economic and social benefits

recently, steam was swirling in the steamed bread production workshop of Zhongbai central kitchen. At the end of one of the assembly lines, a machine shaped like a hotel range hood was continuously spitting out steamed bread, and several shelves were installed in the blink of an eye

took a bite from a steamed bun, which tastes soft and slightly sweet. It is reported that this steamed bread machine integrates waking and steaming. The workers only need to put the flour into the feeding port and turn it into steamed bread after 40 minutes. Kneading, waking and steaming steamed bread are all done by machines. At present, two of the six steamed bread production lines have been started, with a daily output of more than 60000 steamed bread. After full operation, 300000 steamed buns can be produced in 24 hours

with the rapid development, there are also some shortcomings and problems:

there are few types of equipment and low technical content. There are few professional manufacturers of fermented pasta machinery, the degree of specialization is not high, and the degree of standardization, generalization and serialization of equipment is low; The lack of development capacity and the weak awareness of intellectual property rights of most enterprises have prevented the effective protection of legitimate intellectual property rights and hindered the continuous upgrading and innovation of industrial products

there is no unified organization in the whole industry. The guests also collectively visited the center and the resin factory. There is no unified relevant standard. The lack of communication in academic research, academic exchanges, the promotion of new technologies and the dissemination of cutting-edge scientific and technological information and scientific and technological achievements has made it difficult for many enterprises to fight alone

there are few professional scientific research institutions for fermented flour products. Although many researchers have many ideas and assumptions about the steamed bread engineering equipment, due to the lack of investment in scientific research funds, 3 The contact force between the toothed bar pressing plate and the toothed bar is insufficient. From the perspective of the whole industry, the existing problems are still in the primary stage of economic development, which is incompatible with the huge demand of the people for traditional food and the development of the industrialization of fermented pasta

experts' suggestions on the development of steamed bread machine:

the centralized production of steamed bread should be adjusted to local conditions, the scale should be determined according to the market, and the design, color and variety should be considered at the same time. Focus on the development of multi-functional forming machine, automatic placing machine and intelligent finishing machine. The cooking equipment needs to develop a series of devices that are energy-efficient, green and environmental friendly and can use different energy sources. For example, the electric steam generator and steam steam generator are suitable in large and medium-sized cities, while the boiler can be used in small towns

the variety diversification and high-grade steamed bread production facilities have been developed, which only provide temperature rise for the experimental board. Unified support is needed to take the path of scientific research, development, research and demonstration

the fresh-keeping, packaging, turnover and distribution equipment of steamed bread need to be solved urgently in order to smoothly connect with the production and sales system

the convenience of life begins with the steamed bread machine. To accelerate the pace of the market, we must start from science and technology, combine the needs of the market economy and the overall development trend of the market, and promote the market economy. From the current market trend, the steamed bread machine must be an advantage in the future

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