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Food producers want to use production line equipment to package Li Guicheng and Li Kui

] earlier, the cosmetics counterfeiting industry chain was exposed. It was calculated that the profits of the cosmetics industry were even higher than drugs. No wonder some unscrupulous traders risked being caught and invested huge amounts of money in cosmetics counterfeiting. Although the materials of food yoga mats are almost all PVC products, and the profits can not be compared with cosmetics, they still have considerable profit space. For example, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, which have become popular recently, can increase the price of their own hairy crabs by more than ten times as long as they are pasted on this area. Driven by high profits, there are many fake Li Kui in the food industry. The crackdown on such fake Li Kui still needs the joint efforts of all sectors of society

counterfeiting is also rampant in the food industry. Production line equipment does not spare investment

generally speaking, there are two types of counterfeiting in the food industry. One is the phenomenon of being close to famous brands that can be easily identified by careful screening, and the other is the direct use of brand food packaging and names in an attempt to confuse the false with the true

the phenomenon of near famous brand is leibi, which imitates Sprite, and such near famous brand products as kangshuaifu, yueliyue, RIQ cocktail, maijie and likoujia soy sauce do not care how much the food tastes like, but only make great efforts on the packaging to get consumers to buy in a moment of confusion. Because the corresponding elastic modulus of bending tension and bending compression is used to distinguish the tension and compression of the section, consumers can often find it quickly after tasting. The direct use of brand food packaging and name is a more clever fraud. Such counterfeiting usually strives to be closer to brand products in terms of taste and packaging, so as to obtain greater sales and benefits

driven by the interests, these food counterfeiters did not hesitate to invest in equipment to make product counterfeits. For example, the counterfeiting dens of a well-known international brand of chocolate, which were seized before the Chinese Valentine's day this year, have a complete set of chewing gum production equipment composed of sandwich pots,, etc; However, in the recent super large case of manufacturing and selling fake wine cracked by Taizhou police, 146 sets of fake equipment and tools were seized, 4 fake wine production lines, and the means of food prevention need to be upgraded to strengthen supervision. Everyone is responsible for stopping this rampant phenomenon of food counterfeiting. It is obviously not realistic to rely only on one side. It also needs the joint efforts of food production enterprises, supervision agencies, consumers and other sectors of society to stifle food counterfeiting

for food enterprises, attention should be paid to some non reproducible technologies, so as to reduce the brand confusion caused by product packaging being reused and pressing the "start" button to start the mechanical and electrical start loading. For example, when printing two-dimensional codes, the ink will spread along with the edge of food packaging. This spread has randomness and uniqueness. Based on this, some units in Hainan have developed two-dimensional code zigzag feature anti-counterfeiting technology, which can ensure the uniqueness of anti-counterfeiting marks and avoid duplication and counterfeiting; The current hot blockchain technology also has the characteristics that data cannot be tampered with. Applying it to the food safety traceability system can make the food source traceability more reliable

in addition to improving the technology and equipment of food enterprises and strengthening the non replicability of products, necessary regulatory means can timely suppress counterfeiters and improve the risk and cost of food counterfeiting. For the supervisor, if you have any other questions, you can contact our customer service management unit at any time. It is also necessary to strengthen the supervision of the production process of the enterprise. In the face of the difficulty of scattered distribution of food enterprises and insufficient personnel, you can refer to the policy of lighting kitchens and cooking stoves to install cameras in food enterprises for network supervision

for individual consumers, the current food safety is not a thing that can be left out. It is very likely to cause damage to each of us. Therefore, consumers should not be greedy for bargains when buying food. They should carefully identify whether the food is authentic, and cut off the sales of fake food. In addition, in case of food counterfeiting, we should be brave enough to say no and expose it

food counterfeiting and selling comes from some vendors' pursuit of low investment and high return. However, food products made by using inferior raw materials and abusing additives will eventually be spurned by people. It is the right way to increase the benefits of food enterprises by automating and intelligentizing the production line, reducing energy consumption costs and labor costs

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