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Food packaging affects fertility be cautious to prevent phthalates

[China Packaging News] food packaging affects fertility. According to the communique released by the German Research Association, the special research conducted by the University of Erlang Nuremberg in Germany funded by the association shows that operators have misread the figures. The decrease in the number of male sperm in the world over the past few decades may be related to phthalates, a chemical widely used as a softener in light industry. This substance widely exists in cosmetics, children's toys and food packaging. If its content exceeds the standard, it will do great harm to human health. So, what kind of substance is it and what harm will it cause to human body

according to qujianqiao, a researcher at the Institute of environmental health monitoring, Chinese Academy of preventive medicine, phthalates are a kind of chemicals that can soften. It is widely used in hundreds of products, such as toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and hoses, vinyl floors and wallpapers, detergents, lubricants, personal care products (such as nail polish, hair spray, soap and shampoo)

chengchangmei, Professor of the Department of chemistry of Tsinghua University, said that the research shows that lead screw and phthalate esters play a role similar to estrogen in human and animal bodies, which can interfere with the endocrine, reduce the amount of men's semen and sperm, reduce the sperm motility, abnormal sperm morphology, and even lead to testicular cancer, which is the culprit of men's reproductive problems

among cosmetics, nail polish has the highest content of phthalate ester, and many aromatic components of cosmetics also contain this substance. Professor chengchangmei said that this substance in cosmetics will enter the body through women's respiratory system and skin. If used too much, it will increase the risk of women suffering from breast cancer and harm the reproductive system of their future male babies

experts found that soft plastic toys and children's articles containing phthalates may be imported by children. If they are placed long enough to plan to build a trade logistics park, the amount of phthalates dissolved will exceed the safe level, which will harm children's liver and kidney, and also cause precocious puberty

in order to reduce the harm of phthalates to human body, it is better not to use foamed plastic containers for instant noodles. Do not use PVC (containing phthalate) plastic containers to heat food in the microwave oven. The correct way is to move the food to heat-resistant glassware or ceramic ware for heating

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