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In the life and death situation of vertical e-commerce, Li Guoqing's "tactics"

if 2012 is the "position grabbing war" of e-commerce giants, 2013 will be the "decisive battle" of vertical e-commerce. Tiger smell's previous report "2012, independent B2C is dead, tmall's post-war look" triggered a heated debate. Dangdang founder Li Guoqing recently published his judgment on the future of vertical e-commerce, and tiger smell sorted it out

according to the report of Yibang power, Li Guoqing believes that the vertical platform and vertical dead is really "nonsense and clamping. 1. Mobile control: the upper and lower height can be fastened by the screws on the computer automatic controller", but he also admitted that the vertical e-commerce is not vertical enough, and it is indeed the situation. The scale of being a category killer is not enough, and the viability of the vertical e-commerce needs to be tested. In the future, vertical B2C will have more varieties, better services and more depth in the subdivided categories

on the same day, Li Guoqing said in an interview with Sichuan Tianfu morning post that he talked about the future strategy of vertical e-commerce

1, differentiation. In the next three years, Dangdang will first differentiate from tmall through continuous innovation, and then integrate its medium and high-end positioning. Li Guoqing said, "e-commerce is not only a scale, a GX RTF avoids tungsten and glue residue in syringes, but also has sub categories. "However, we will limit the number of businesses and brands, and we still need to strengthen the ability of recommendation, collocation and combination."


"in the future, e-commerce will definitely focus on o2o. One is the pre-sale business model; one is to highlight personalization; the other is customer independent pricing." Li Guoqing waved his hand, "Only by realizing these three modes, e-commerce is truly idealized."

3. General platform. "In the future, there will be multiple general e-commerce platforms in B2C e-commerce, each of which has its own characteristics and target customer groups. Tmall is dominated by young customer groups, and Dangdang's customer groups are older. In contrast, Dangdang's customer groups have stronger consumption power.

Dangdang's strategy is to focus on the layout of Internet portals, where Dang's books, department stores and other goods can be found, so as to attract more new users." He said that tmall currently accounts for only 2% to 3% of the orders, and will account for 10% in the future

4. Segment profits. Li Guoqing cited Dangdang as an example. Why didn't he lose share this year, and the gross profit rate ranked first in the industry? 1) Department stores and digital 3C are the sources of losses, but the scale of Dangdang daily necessities exceeds that of Amazon. 2) Dangdang pop platform has a high gross profit margin, including mother and baby, clothing categories, e-books, private brands and other gross profit margins


scale is not equal to profit. Only when the size of sub regions, sub categories and sub customer groups is reached, can we make profits. Do not start a price war in all categories

finally, Li Guoqing always didn't forget to comment on his opponent He revealed to Yibang power that the latest round of financing of contains a gambling agreement. The growth rate of next year will be less than 50%, and the price competitiveness will be greatly weakened, but the loss rate will be halved. He suggested that said that could only raise $300million until the end of June next year, and then it would be in a state of lack of money. It would be difficult to turn losses into profits under the attack of e-commerce companies such as Suning Tesco. The only way is to constantly layout new fields, such as express delivery, real estate logistics, finance and other models to improve profitability

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