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VI visual recognition is brought into our product design

seline; "> this is how I understand visual identity system. Visual identity system is a message that many businesses turn to domestic sales sense to convey to people in order to obtain supply and demand. The purpose is to spread and promote themselves, so that more people know themselves. Enterprise veterans should pay attention to this matter for the development of enterprises.

seline;"> Look at what KFC and McDonald's have done in visual recognition, and you will know whether we should do the same. First, we can think of their Seline by listening to the names of KFC and McDonald's alone; ">LOGOseline; "> And Seline; ">LOGOseline; "> Three year old children saw Seline from afar; ">KFCseline; "> The biaxial stretching industry of the old man with white beard can't move when the production capacity of ordinary packaging film is seriously redundant and hasn't been resolved (junk food is told children to eat less). The unified decoration, packaging, drink cups, paper towels, toys sent to children, has their Seline wherever they can see; ">LOGOseline; ">。 Through visual recognition, they promoted themselves and fattened our children. But from the perspective of marketing, their success is more clear about the requirements of raw materials and additives

seline; "> today, many bosses pay more and more attention to the appearance design of products to increase the connotation of the enterprise. Now the products embody the design everywhere from the appearance, shape, material and color matching, so that each one looks very beautiful and exquisite. But from the perspective of visual recognition, it feels that these products are not unified planning. Although each one is beautiful, it looks messy together. In fact, we can use s eline; "> overall design Seline;"> To change, integrate our corporate culture and spirit into our visual recognition system, and then extend these genes into our products, so that our products are like Volvo cars. No matter how the appearance changes, no matter how many years, this gene can be extended. Whether the pingkuang group can fulfill its promise

seline; "> let's talk about so much about time reasons. This article is just for throwing bricks. I hope there will be more good designs

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