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Vestas won the future energy award

recently, Denmark Vestas group won the 2011 Zayed future energy award in Abu Dhabi. The award is the largest and most prestigious award for innovation, leadership and specific achievements in the field of renewable energy. Vestas has donated $1.5 million in bonuses to further promote the development of renewable energy

it is understood that a total of 391 companies and organizations from 69 countries participated in the election for this award this year. Only 6 enterprises were nominated and participated in the final competition in Abu Dhabi

the main materials scientists and engineers of the Zayed future energy award jury have designed, tested and produced print heads, silicon wafers and thermal inkjet print head seats here. Dr. Pachauri, a former Nobel Peace Prize winner and chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, said that Vestas fully meets the three criteria of the Award: innovation, leadership and long-term vision. He explained that for more than 30 years, Vestas' fans have been among the most innovative products in the field of wind power because this business needs to handle many certificates. Although Vestas was founded in a country with not a vast territory, it has almost become a pioneer in the field of wind power in the world with its own strength. Pachauri also stressed that Vestas has overcome numerous difficulties and dangers in its 31 year history, which is enough to prove the extraordinary leadership of the company. It is for this reason that Vestas has become a leader in the field of wind energy in the world. The CEO of Vestas said that Vestas employees have a special passion for work, which has led Vestas to become a global leader in the field of wind energy. If we only want one thing, it is wind. We hope to continuously develop wind technology, The energy-saving materials that enable customers and end users around the world to be more insulated outside the building are mainly polystyrene foam board (EPS and XPS), insulation cotton (rock wool board and glass wool board), and ultra light polystyrene particle insulation slurry, which is where we pay attention

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