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Vertical bag forming and packaging machine urgently needs to improve the performance of the whole machine

due to the complex structure and many adjustment mechanisms of the vertical bag forming and packaging machine, there are specific requirements for different packaging materials, different packaging materials, different packaging bag sizes, etc., therefore, the comprehensive performance of China's vertical bag forming and packaging machine is not very high, and there is still a certain gap with the products of foreign advanced countries, The outstanding problems are: the level of machining technology is low; Poor synchronization and coordination of mechanism action; Short service life and poor reliability of key parts, vulnerable parts and electrical components; Low level of automatic regulation and control; Low filling accuracy and poor appearance modeling. So, how to improve the overall performance of the machine

strengthen the quality awareness of operators

experts pointed out that some factories have poor processing capacity and poor quality awareness of operators, which makes the tolerance fit of machined parts fail to meet the design requirements. The light intensity and heat treatment are not in place, the quality inspection of parts is not strict, and there are many repairs during the overall installation and commissioning, resulting in poor stability and reliability of the whole machine. Improve the technical level and quality awareness of front-line production personnel and quality inspection personnel. On the other hand, we should promote and apply advanced cutting tools, fixtures, molds and heat treatment technology, and introduce and digest foreign advanced processing technology

many quality problems of domestic packaging machines are caused by the quality problems of electrical components and general parts. It is a fact that the quality of some domestic electrical components and general parts is not up to standard, but as a packaging machine manufacturer, it is also necessary to strictly control the procurement. With the improvement of specialized processing technology, China's electrical components and general accessories will have great development and improvement in quality, variety and quantity. In addition, a large number of imported electrical components and general accessories will enrich the domestic market, providing equipment manufacturers with a large space for optimization and strict quality control, so as to improve the stability

the vertical bag forming and packaging machine has complex structure and many actions, which requires accurate position when installing parts. At present, many enterprises have not done enough in this regard. For example, the fixed frame welded with angle steel and square steel is difficult to ensure the overall size and has large deformation after welding. Some factories do not carry out aging treatment on the welded frame, and install parts immediately, and problems will occur afterwards. In addition, there are many retail assembly parts, many mounting holes connected to the rack, and many moving parts are mechanically rigidly connected, making it difficult to find the benchmark and ensure the assembly accuracy

Ban Qi, the packaging machinery product quality supervision and testing center of the Ministry of machinery industry, pointed out that many foreign manufacturers and a few domestic manufacturers have optimized the structure of the vertical bag forming and packaging machine, using modular assembly, that is, the packaging machine is divided into four parts: the transmission mechanism, the sealing mechanism, the film feeding mechanism, and the forming and pulling mechanism. The parts are classified and installed on their respective independent shelves for component debugging, After completion, install the four large pieces on the rack with standard parts, and the rack is also connected by standard parts. For the mounting holes on the left and right symmetrical plates, they are combined into one, positioned at one time and processed at the same time. This structure not only has high assembly accuracy, but also is very convenient for installation, debugging, disassembly and maintenance, and saves time and effort

improve the level of automatic design

throughout the foreign advanced low-dose vertical bag forming and packaging machines, the maximum speed can reach more than 1000 bags per minute, while the domestic maximum speed can reach 200-300 bags per minute, the foreign medium dose vertical bag forming and packaging machines can reach more than 150 bags per minute, while the domestic ones are only about 50-70 bags per minute. Domestic vertical bag forming and packaging machines also use single-chip computers, PCs and other automatic controls, but these automatic controls are basically carried out according to the predetermined fixed procedures. Developed countries have developed a microcomputer controlled packaging machine that can automatically adjust the working state. As long as the relevant parameters of packaging materials and packaging items are input into the computer, the computer can find a set of optimal adjustment parameters in its memory, and then automatically start each adjustment mechanism to complete the adjustment task at one time. The working state of the packaging machine can also be displayed through the display screen for fault diagnosis and detection

experts clearly pointed out that to solve the problem of packaging speed, the first thing is to reduce the mechanical drive. Conductive thermoplastic materials can be widely used in color matching products to improve the accuracy of parts and complete machines; Secondly, we should improve the ability of automatic control and automatic adjustment; Adopt high-speed drum metering method for small dose particle packaging machine; Increase the number of electronic combined scales; Two machines are connected in parallel, sharing a set of transmission mechanism and a set of weighing device

serialization of varieties and specifications

most domestic packaging machines are medium and low-grade, and high-precision, high-speed and intelligent products are still out of gear. Japanese imported packaging machines pay attention to simplicity and convenience in automatic operation. The exhibits displayed on some booths are not only smooth in appearance, but also very reasonable in design, which makes people feel impeccable at first glance. Domestic machinery faces greater challenges in this regard. Engineer ban Qi believes that the vertical bag forming and packaging machines urgently needed to be developed and finalized in China include: the packaging machines that can pack vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine and other irregular beginning items have appeared in the economic operation of China's extruder industry; A packaging machine that can pack flour, Taibai powder and other powdery materials with flying characteristics; It can pack cotton sugar, washing powder and other materials that are greatly affected by the environment; It can pack salt, chemicals and other corrosive items

the packaging bags made by the domestic vertical bag forming and packaging machine are mainly flat, with few types and a wide range of filling dosage. At present, various types of vertical bag forming and packaging machines abroad produce more than 30 kinds of packaging varieties, such as "falling in the process of car driving"; Friction loss rdquo; Pillow type flat bags, flat bottom vertical bags, square bottom vertical binding pockets, vertical three-dimensional sealing pockets up and down, multi link bags, etc. These packaging bags with different shapes not only have beautiful appearance, but also have good adaptability to packaging materials with different shapes, and the dose range is relatively widened

speed up the development of high-precision electronic scales

the measurement methods adopted in China include constant volume method and weighing method. The constant volume method has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, fast metering speed, but low filling accuracy. It is widely applicable to material pressure testing machines with uniform particle size, good self fluidity and low price. The wonderful place of metering is here. Weighing method has complex structure, high cost, slow measurement speed, but high filling accuracy. It is often used in the measurement of goods with irregular size and high price

most of China's vertical bag forming and packaging machines adopt adjustable constant volume method, and their design and manufacturing technology are relatively mature. Weighing measurement technology has also been greatly improved, but compared with constant volume measurement, the technology is not mature enough, there is still much room for development, and deeper areas need to be explored and developed

the improvement of packaging speed largely depends on the improvement of weighing speed. Foreign developed countries mostly use the weighing electronic combined scale controlled by microcomputer in weighing. It uses 10 or more independent weighing heads to complete the task of independently weighing objects. It not only has high precision, fast speed, but also has a wide range of applications. It is imperative to speed up the development of high-precision and high-speed electronic scales in China and apply them to packaging machines. With the rapid development of weighing sensors, microprocessors and other technologies, the functions of electronic scales have also developed accordingly. It can complete continuous weighing, long-distance transmission, display, record and set signals in motion, monitor the weighing process, complete the automatic calibration of instruments, switch ranges, and analyze and correct the dry ground parameters of measurement results, which are beyond the reach of pure mechanical scales

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