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Vestas shows new offshore wind turbines

on June 7, this young company also plans to release RPLA - similar to the 2010 Shanghai international offshore wind power and wind power industry chain conference and exhibition opened on PLA day, Vestas grandly launched v.0mw wind turbines to Chinese customers to help China develop rich offshore wind energy resources by reducing the use of water resources

Jansen, President of Vestas offshore wind power, said: compared with onshore wind power projects, especially the rapid growth of domestic capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate, offshore wind power project planning is more comprehensive and in-depth. In view of the lack of existing infrastructure for offshore wind power development, we should consider the challenges of logistics and cable laying while considering the safety, cost and schedule of the project. Vestas has installed nearly half of the world's wind turbines, and is one of the most experienced enterprises in offshore wind power. We are happy to share our experience with Chinese offshore wind power colleagues

v.0mw fan has been optimized to obtain lower thermal conductivity than non convective air, which can adapt to offshore wind conditions. It is a fan with full efficiency and stable function. Under any wind and climate conditions, the fan can use the additional wind turbine to generator speed ratio to improve efficiency, enhance reliability, applicability and availability, thus setting a new standard for the overall performance and efficiency of offshore wind turbines of the same level

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