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Vesta synthetic natural gas pilot plant is located in China

on June 13, Wison Engineering Co., Ltd., in fact, signed a cooperation agreement with Flowserve Wheeler global engineering and construction group and Clariant international to jointly build a set of pilot plant to verify Foster Wheeler's Vesta synthetic natural gas (SNG) technology. The device will be built in China and is scheduled to be put into operation this year. According to the agreement, Wison engineering is mainly responsible for the engineering design and construction of pilot plants, Foster Wheeler provides licensed technology, and Clariant provides advanced proprietary catalysts. The pilot plant will be managed and operated by Wison engineering. The agreement also establishes a framework for long-term cooperation among the three parties on the construction and delivery of methanation plants using Vesta technology in China

Vesta technology is a new methanation technology for SNG production from syngas obtained from coal or petroleum coke gasification. Vesta technology adopts the design of feed gas passing through at one time without internal circulation, and does not need to be equipped with expensive compressors; The maximum operating temperature is 550 ℃, and ordinary metal materials can be used, which makes the reactor more convenient to process composite materials of automobile lightweight design (Yang Xingyan, engineer of Zhejiang Jixiang Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd.); It is suitable for syngas produced by various gasification technologies. In addition, Vesta technology is safer, simpler and cheaper to operate

Clariant's catalyst is mainly used to convert coal into synthetic ammonia, methanol and olefins

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