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Weisheng embedded motherboard EPIA

in recent years, state power group has vigorously promoted the power self-service payment terminal. The appearance of the power self-service payment terminal is similar to that of ATM machine, and has the functions of real-time inquiry of electricity charge information, self-service payment of customers, self-service purchase of electricity by card and meter users, etc. The user only needs to input the account number and input cash into the payment terminal according to the computer prompt. Only when the light sample breaks within the rod or the length of the unscrewed rib can the user pay the electricity fee. It is convenient for users to purchase electricity and pay fees, and there is no need to queue up at the bank to save time. The self-service payment terminal is open 24 hours a day. In addition to payment, users can also query the electricity bill through the query system and print payment bills. The popularization of power self-service payment terminal system has opened up a new way of electricity payment, providing users with more diversified, high-quality and convenient services

the technical index that customers choose via fanless permeability refers to the embedded main board epia-m840 with water vapor dispersion resistance because the main board adopts via low-power nano processor and VX. At present, there is also an electronic universal experimental machine on the market, which adopts ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical 800 chip group, which can support long-term stable operation under the condition of no fan. In addition, the main board supports dual LVDS display, and one channel is used for customer display, One way is used for operation and maintenance status display. In addition, epia-m840 supports CF card storage, 8 COM ports, 8 USB interfaces, and 1 LPT interface, which fully meet the hardware interface requirements of national power self-service payment terminal. In addition, as the leading manufacturer of embedded motherboards, the embedded Department of via has an experienced software and hardware development team, which can provide customers with all-round support from hardware to software

the via epia-m840 motherboard has ATX power supply and DC power supply modes. One is a fanless configuration based on the 1.2Ghz via Linglong e series processor, and the other is a fan configuration based on the 1.6GHz via Linglong e series processor, which emphasizes performance. The via vx800 multimedia system chipset used supports two DDR2 DIMM system memories, built-in integrated graphics core supporting DirectX 9, extremely clear HD audio, Gigabit network connection, high-definition video hardware acceleration in MPEG-2, wmv9 and Vc1 formats, and high-definition video processor with VMR function

about via epia-m840 motherboard:

key features:

1) via Linglong e (nano-e) series processors

2) optional active and passive cooling configurations

3) integrated via chrome9 HC3 DX9 3d/2d graphics core, With MPEG-2 and wmv9 hard decoding acceleration

4) support VGA and dual channel LVDS display

5) dual Gigabit Ethernet connection

6) support PCIe X4

7) eight COM interfaces

8) six USB 2.0 interfaces

9) support HD Audio

10) design for advanced industrial automation, self-service computer and HMI applications

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