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Vertical multi row small bag packaging machine helps food enterprises develop rapidly

at present, in the bag packaging widely used in food factories, most of the large-size solids with regular shape use horizontal pillow packaging mechanical and electronic universal experimental machine, mainly using servo speed regulation system. For solid, particle, powder and even liquid products with small size, most of them adopt "vertical" (vertical) packaging machinery, that is, bag making, feeding and sealing in the direction perpendicular to the ground. Due to the low cost of packaging materials, simple packaging machinery structure and convenient maintenance, this packaging form is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

most food manufacturers use single row forming feeding sealing packaging machines. For packing bags with large loading capacity, the single row packing machine can meet the needs of general production lines. However, for most health food and seasoning factories, they often need small packaging (such as small packaging of 1 ~ 10 grams per bag). At this time, the shortcomings of insufficient production capacity are exposed by the single row small bag packaging machine, which requires several or even dozens of single row small bag packaging machines to meet the needs of the production line. Apart from the factors such as large floor space and waste of manpower, the number of packaging machines is too large, which is not conducive to the automation of packing or cartoning

then, what are the reasons that affect the operation speed of the single row bag packaging machine

1. Before entering the packaging machine, materials should be measured by volume or mass, and then electronic experiments should be carried out on the falling equipment into the made bag. There are time requirements for the accurate measurement and falling of materials

2. Packaging materials generally use composite films. The improvement of mechanical speed requires higher strength of films, and the cost of packaging materials with high strength and thickness is also higher

3. The higher the packaging speed, the shorter the heat sealing contact time, and the sealing temperature should be correspondingly increased, but the sealing temperature is too high, which is easy to damage the packaging materials. Therefore, the sealing temperature also limits the working speed of the machine

subject to the influence of factors such as material measurement, packaging film and sealing effect, vertical bag making and packaging machinery cannot simply improve the actual packaging speed by increasing the running speed of the machinery. On the premise of ensuring the packaging quality and accurate measurement, from the perspective of practice, the trinity of "bag making, feeding and sealing" of the vertical bag making and packaging system should be no more than 100/min. Since the speed of single row packaging has an upper limit, naturally, the design of packaging machinery began to develop from single row to multi row, which well solved the need for high-speed packaging of small bags

at present, the small force value of the sensor used by most manufacturers of electronic tensile testing machines adopts S-type sensor. The multi row packaging system used in China in the last century all depends on imports. Due to its high price, food manufacturers rarely use it, and almost all users are in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, the multi row small bag packaging machinery developed and produced independently in China has immediately been warmly welcomed by the majority of domestic food manufacturers. In today's fierce competition, expanding production scale, improving production efficiency and reducing costs have become the continuous goals of many production enterprises

based on the European multi row small bag packaging technology, Qiaofu Enterprise Co., Ltd. developed and launched the vertical multi row small bag packaging machine in 2002. This vertical multi row small bag packaging machine adopts PLC to control stepless speed regulation. In order to ensure the design of packaging quality, the working speed of each row of packaging lanes, that is, the Trinity speed of "bag making, feeding and sealing", is controlled within 60/min. Users can have sufficient space to choose suitable composite film packaging materials, and achieve stable feed metering and excellent sealing effect. The packaging form of three side sealing is adopted, which saves packaging materials to the greatest extent

at present, the application and development of multi row bag packaging machine in the pharmaceutical industry have made great progress. In the future, the multi row bag packaging machine will have a broad development in food, daily chemical and other fields, which can avoid the space of heat bridge to the greatest extent

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